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British Contemporary Artist Olga Lomaka’s Solo Exhibition Debut for ‘Aliens’ Concluded at Zari Gallery




From October 11 to October 15, 2023, prestigious Zari Gallery hosted a solo exhibition ‘Aliens’ by British Artist Olga Lomaka. The exhibition was organized by FprBuro Communications Agency, and this event marked a momentous occasion in the world of contemporary art.

'Aliens' offered a captivating art journey, inviting visitors to contemplate various facets of the human condition and experience. Through the lens of contemporary popular culture, the exhibition delved into themes of consumerism, human desire, and collective unconsciousness. Olga Lomaka's visionary solo exposition seamlessly coincided the esteemed Frieze London 2023, adding an extra layer of allure to this year's already impressive showcase of artistic talent.

The excitement surrounding 'Aliens' began on October 10th with an intimate and exclusive press breakfast, where journalists, art critics, and connoisseurs gathered for an opportunity to engage with the artist herself, gaining insight into the inspiration behind her remarkable works.

Following the press breakfast, Zari Gallery opened its doors to art enthusiasts, collectors, and distinguished guests for an exclusive Private View. This carefully curated evening featured prominent attendees and luminaries from the art world, including Director of Peace and Colour Gallery Irina Emtseva, Art Advisor Linton Wang, and Founder of ES Gallery Elina Safarova, among others. They gathered to immerse themselves in Lomaka's extraordinary world of 'Aliens,' resulting in a blend of conversation, contemplation, and appreciation for the artist's unique vision.

The exhibition officially opened to the public from October 11th to October 15th, welcoming a diverse audience to experience the profound connection Olga Lomaka draws between extraterrestrial visits and human existence.

"These sculptures are not merely static forms; they are vessels of contemplation, inviting viewers to navigate the intricacies of our ever-evolving world. They speak to the yearning for connection, the search for meaning, and the universal pursuit of understanding.”

— Olga Lomaka

Through her artistic vision, Olga Lomaka continues to enrich the art world. We are delighted that, due to the hard work of our team in collaboration with the artist, the exhibition unfolded precisely as we had envisioned it and attracted a significant number of art enthusiasts.”
— CEO and Founder of FprBuro Communications Agency, organizer of the exhibition, Dmitry Chograshi

Lomaka's 'Aliens' artfully explored the human condition, dividing the exhibition into poignant themes like "The Ethics of Equity," "Addictions," and "Love Amidst Disconnection." The artworks, varying in size and finish, strikingly contrasted alien forms with our innate desires, offering a reflection of contemporary fixations such as wealth, affection, influence, and the pursuit of progress. The monochromatic, fluid alien structures stood in sharp relief against vibrant logos, cultural motifs, and national emblems. This interplay invited deep introspection, urging viewers to scrutinize the intricate intersections that define our modern world, transcending conventional artistic boundaries.

In a parallel layer, the sculptures' poses added an extra dimension. The raw, visceral scream and the serene embrace of meditation, deeply rooted in Western culture, resonated with humanity’s collective imagination. They represented both a yearning to transcend the tangible and a desire to embark on journeys into the uncharted realms of the mind.


Material provided by the press office of Olga Lomaka at FprBuro Communications Agency.

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