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Call for Ceramic Artists! Ceramic Annual of America Largest Exhibition and Art Fair in US


San Francisco

Fourth Annual: Ceramics Annual of America – October 18 – 20, 2013

Civic Center – San Francisco, CA

The Ceramics Annual of America is a gallery format exhibition featuring the work of an impressive group of ceramic artists. This is your opportunity to be included in the largest exhibition of ceramic fine art in the United States. Last year’s  exhibition attracted over 10,000 collectors, art enthusiasts, educators and students.

The Ceramics Annual of America (CAA) is an ambitious exhibition and art fair spotlighting the quality and diversity of contemporary ceramics from around the world including works from China, Korea, Mexico, Australia and Italy. It is the only event of its kind in the United States and the goal is to encourage the education and enrichment of the public, cultivate a fertile art market, and foster dialog between collectors and makers of ceramic sculpture.

Part of California’s continuing legacy of excellence and innovation in ceramics, CAA is the largest exhibition and art fair that is entirely focused on ceramic art in America and is modeled after the Ceramic Biennials held in Europe, Korea, Japan and China. It provides a venue for the top regional and international artists from working in the clay medium to show their work to a broader audience of collectors.

CAA is organized by the California Ceramics Cooperative, a group of invested regional ceramic artists, and will feature panel discussions, lectures, tours as well as daily interactive art demonstrations all day that will provide a greater understanding of the artistic process for students and educators alike.

Send in five or six images before the extended deadline, September 1st to
Go to for more information or call 415-558-1688.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain wider exposure for your art!

Contact Information: 

Contact: Nancy Resler

Telephone: (415)558-1688



San Francisco