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The first time she announced publicly she wanted to be an artist was to her high-school class. The desire itself had been there, like a secret hidden from all, for many years before. Something she says "She is very proud of". Born in the coastal city of Yantai, Shandong Province in China, Wang is a creative director who now resides in New York City. Her work is otherworldly and uses a wide array of mediums, it is both highly universal and mysterious, another secret of hers.

Her artistic eye was forged at a young age, Wang comes from a family of fashion merchandisers, something she said has shaped her aesthetic and vision. "Once you are immersed in art and design, you will realize there are so much more out there. That feeling is truly intriguing!" She shared. That solid foundation from a young age allowed her to tackle a variety of projects, working today in different fields: fashion designs, photography, collages, graphic design, illustration, those many pieces forming a very dynamic and vibrant puzzle.

While her career today has led her to draw, illustrate and work on fashion and editorial campaigns, she still identifies as a "scrap-paper kind of artist". Wang studied Fashion design at school but deep down, she is still this kid "who would get the juice of wild flowers in the garden, and draw treasure maps with this ‘ink’ on the wall."

Imagination is at the core of her work. A creative director with many hats - fashion designer, designer, visual artist, Churou Wang is in a way a pioneer in the New York landscape. Because she is highly versatile she has worked for prestigious brands such as Elle Magazine, designers such as Parris Bridget Couturier, Parisa Wang, and Eric Hu Studio. She previously worked as a creative director and gallery manager for the Japanese art gallery Ippodo. Her work has been featured in publications such as Vulkan, Blanc, and Contributor.

While Wang’s work is highly whimsical and dream-like, she also finds her inspiration in everyday objects. She cites a passion for industrial design as one of her driving force: "Industrial and fashion product designs usually are the ones which drive my work, to name a few, chairs, luggage trunks, portable military knives, umbrellas, etc. Last year, I focused on toy’s designs. I made a bag inspired by IKEA’s roller coasters, a popular toy for toddlers. I also made a series of sewing kits and button boxes which were taken inspiration from the game Connected-Four." Wang’s curiosity and playfulness is reflected in every aspect of her work, stating that design today ‘’is pretty serious’’ and that there is always humor to be found. She mentions the designer Carl Auböck and its quirky prototypes as something she aspires to accomplish one day.

"I’d also like to have a curated commercial space of my own" she brings up as one of her goals. Navigating beautifully between various worlds, industrial design, fashion, visual arts, Wang is a trend-setter. In June 2021, she will be opening her new exhibition - a collective work she will present to New Yorkers for the first time. The exhibition will focus on quirky objects and breath-taking photography, once again, bringing together separate worlds forming a whimsical collage of humanity. But Wang doesn’t stop here, she is a force of nature. In 2022, one of Wang’s designs will be featured in the TV show "Touch, don’t look". Steering right ahead, Wang’s work is opening a brand new path for creative directors, artists and designers, one that is both imaginative and challenging.





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