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The environmentally-centered Artwork ‘Saharan Sands’ (2022) by Contemporary Artist and Activist Natalia Kapchuk sells for £27,940 at the remarkable Phillips Auction




During the Wired online auction held by Phillips Auction House from May 18th to 24th, 2023, a curated selection of exceptional contemporary artworks by established and emerging artists captivated audiences.

London-based artist and environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk has gained global acclaim for her contemporary mixed-media creations, coveted by collectors worldwide. Her artworks have also been featured in charitable auctions supporting environmental and humanitarian causes, leading to the inclusion of her piece 'Saharan Sands' (2022) from The Lost Planet series in this exclusive event.

The Lost Planet series, which debuted in 2019, now comprises over 40 environmentally- centered works aimed at raising vital awareness about the plight of our cherished planet. Drawing inspiration from Earth's wonders, each artwork celebrates the innate beauty of nature while shedding light on the consequences of human-induced environmental issues.

Natalia Kapchuk's artistic process prioritizes eco-friendliness, employing sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, up-cycled plastics, and plant-based techniques. This commitment to sustainability is evident in her selected piece, 'Saharan Sands' (2022).

The artwork pays homage to the captivating splendor of the Saharan Desert and serves as Kapchuk's contemplation on the impact of climate change on this unique natural feature. Through her signature mixed-media applications and techniques, she expertly combines fiberglass construction, pigmented sand, and flocked plant-based epoxy resin, vividly depicting the awe-inspiring sights of the Sahara. The artist's dedication to advocating for a better world for future generations shines through, as she champions positive environmental and social change.

Natalia Kapchuk's remarkable artwork sparked intense interest among bidders among the 116 featured pieces at the auction. A fierce bidding war ensued, resulting in the sale of 'Saharan Sands' (2022) for an impressive £27,940, a testament to its allure and the artist's ability to resonate with collectors who share her passion for sustainability and environmental preservation.

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