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An Evening with RISK coming to Choice Contemporary on May 14th



Los Angeles, CA

Following their grand opening last month, Choice Contemporary will be hosting 'An Evening With RISK' on May 14th, 2022. 

This event is set to feature an in person appearance from the artist Kelly "RISK" Graval for a live Q & A session centered around the art in RISK's current show at Choice Contemporary entitled 'ANARCH TO MONARCH' and the importance of preserving and buying street art. Additionally, the artist will be inscribing hand-ebellished, archival bamboo paper prints. 

'ANARCH TO MONARCH' features cutting edge techniques and pop-culture iconography, such as Felix the Cat and The Rolling Stones Tongue which has become a central theme in Risk's art.  This occured after John Pasche (the original artist who designed the tongue) encouraged him to use it in his art, this was a defining moment in Risk's career, as he is a huge fan of The Rolling Stones, and the tongue.

Kelly "Risk" Graval has become one of the most prolific and renowned artists within the Urban and Contemporary art world. Known as the 'Godfather of West Coast Graffiti', Risk was one of the first artists to paint freight trains and freeway signs.

As a fine artist, Risk pays homage to his past and home town of Los Angeles by recreating the large metal surfaces of trains and freeway signs by recycling used and found metals and turning them into a 'metallic tissue' which is made of spray paint cans he uses in his studio. Additionally, smaller street signs are collected to further symbolise elements of open roads, and dangerous heights. License plates are emblematic of the diverse environments and landscapes traversed by freight trains. The use of Kandy Car paint is a result of his lifelong appreciation and involvement within the SoCal car culture. Lastly, Risky pays homage to his Angeleno roots, by creating a sparkle effect by mixing crushed Abalone into surfboard resin before applying it to his metallic tissue pieces. Because of its nacre, (mother of pearl) interior, abalone seashells are finely ground and used for gleam. This gleam effect is how Risk enhances the racience on his neon pieces.

To attend 'An Evening with RISK':

  • Location: Choice Contemporary 
  • Time: 4PM - 9PM
  • Address: 11706 Barrington Court Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Admission: Free 
Contact Information: 

For more questions about the event, more information, or to book a private showing of 'ANARCH TO MONARCH' please reach out to Gallery Director Éva Boros at 424-273-1012 or by email at Visit our website for more information:

Los Angeles