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Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami Draw The World's Art Aficianados




The only two shows under one roof during Miami Art Week attracted an international attendance of art enthusiasts seeking the latest trends and unique discoveries.




Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami celebrated an international showcase in contemporary and fine art during Miami Art Week at Mana Wynwood Convention Center, November 30—December 4, with a five-day indulgence in the latest trends the global art world had to offer.


The annual Opening Night Preview Party took place on Wednesday, November 30, presented by Pommery Champagne, with Coppola Prosecco and Empress 1908 Gin. Hundreds of the world’s most affluent art dealers, collectors, artists, gallery owners, curators and art enthusiasts attended the opening night extravaganza for a first look at the inspirational works by the more than 1,000 artists showcased by over 280 exhibitors from 22 countries around the world. In addition to visiting two of the longest running destination Miami Art Week fairs, avid art enthusiasts and industry leaders returned to enjoy [SOLO], highlighting established and independent emerging artists. 


“This year’s fairs saw a 25% increase in attendance over 2021,” says Eric Smith, president of Redwood Art Group. “Our opening night attendance of more than 4,000 people, gave a clear indication of how popular and exciting this year’s Miami Art Week would be. Our exhibitors across both shows reported excellent sales and attendance by very enthusiastic collectors, who were all ready to buy. We’d like to thank Pommery Champagne, Perrier, Empress 1908 Gin, Dezo, Coppola Prosecco, Zephyr Hills Water, Teremana Tequila, Sarris Candies, Art One Nation, American Art Collector, American Fine Art Magazine and all of our other wonderful sponsors for their generosity, and to everyone who attended the fairs over the five days for a hugely successful Miami Art Week. We look forward to presenting our year-round series of fairs across the country in 2023.”


This year’s program featured an extensive series of daily activities for attendees, that included the Spotlight Program, a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries and artists chosen by the Redwood Art Group selection committee; Art Labs, a series of outstanding projects by leading galleries, art institutions, and art collectives within the fair; Meet the Artists and Live Demonstrations, presenting an interactive experience—allowing attendees to get up-close-and-personal with the artists; and The Discoveries Collection, – selections of artwork chosen by the Spectrum Miami curatorial team that make up a group of amazing discoveries throughout the fair, each priced at $3,000 or less.


Highlights from the 12th edition of Spectrum Miami include:

Stepping into the Lobby, guests were greeted by the Elephant Parade, baby elephant sculptures created by Katy Perry, Khloe Kardashian, and Brandon Thomas.  The Elephant Parade is an international organization raising awareness for the endangered Asian elephant with the world’s largest exhibition of hand-painted elephant statues. Beats by Miami's favorite DJ Joey Paradis got collectors in the mood while they checked out their favorite booths. 

A few steps in the door and there was the Spectrum FOCUS — a special Jason Perez Art exhibit. It was a complete experience and special gathering of outsider art, street, art, pop art, and urban art, complete with live painting demonstrations by some of today's most innovative artists.

Over at Booth 820, collectors were wowed by End-to-End Gallery's first-time artist, Brady Willmott and his Pop Surrealist art.

Always innovative and continually exploring his unique style, Nino Sarti's large scale paintings and engaging Meet the Artist sessions with collectors were a bit hit.

When Bottl3man took center stage at Famespace's Booth 801, it was eye-popping to watch him paint with a bottle! Whether creating a painting of Warhol, Michael Jordan, or an abstract image, his innovative approach resulted in a must-have artwork.

In Malcolm Smith's Booth 1100, attendees were treated to Malcolm's capture of famous actresses' movie quotes in his bright, bold, colorful palette putting smiles on collectors faces as they decided which one should be in their collection.

Artists and galleries received special honors as recipients of this year’s awards, as follows:


Spotlight Award:

Briana Fitzpatrick

Brinton Farrand 

Deadwax – Alex Grimmer 

Jordana Rae Gassner 

Juan Pablo Zapata 

Scott Jeffries

Directors’ Award: Jason Perez Art and Kristy Lee

Best Booth Design: Famespace and Sarah Larsen

Sculpture Award: Maria Isabel Pino from Maria Elena Beneito Art

Award of Excellence: ACT Contemporary

Best New Exhibitor: Ryan Troisi and Kay Plante Art

Best International Exhibitor: 97 Art & Ideas and Marian Elena Beneito Art

Best [SOLO] Exhibitor: Susan Verekar, Brinton Farrand, and Nino Sarti Designs

Spectrum Miami exhibitors were pleased to see so many collectors, and the number of sales and commissions reported throughout the show this year was impressive, as were the gallery placements by [SOLO] artists. Here is a sampling of highlights from this year’s exhibitor sales:

Kevin Grass' Lame Ducks Collection drew lots of attention and both Cheese & Quakers and Ducks In Donuts are now in private collections.

First time exhibitor ACT Contemporary saw multiple placements, including works by Tuncay Topcu and Hande Ugur's Adam 2022, Eve 2022, Trust Me, Batman, Hasta Vista Baby, The Joker, and Genius Billionaire.

Angela Fabbri's SOLO booth was a busy place with collectors taking home Bullish, Send the Jet, and Love, Money, Art, plus several of her whimsical Paintbrush sculptures.

Jason Perez Art in the Spectrum FOCUS Pavilion was a busy place and artists were thrilled with sales, including Heartist's Fantastic Relationship with Money, Silver Francis' Passing Pink and Reflections on the Circle of LIfe, Sarai Lezcano's What If It Is All a Dream and Protect Your Heart, Diane Packwood's Bloom 34, Bloom 42, and Bloom 39, King Redd's Love Yourself First, Francisco Fleurimond's Humsus, Francisco Lee's Frida 3, plus multiple pieces by Sean Flores and Fo$$ among others. 

Alex Sher's Spectrum return resulted in sales of Dancing Flowers and The Real Mermaid.

Effusion Gallery saw lively interest in artist Zemog's works and sold Good Vibes Only, Jammin', Cash Only, and Run Baby Run.

Not only was Scott Jeffries a Spotlight Artist, collectors were also shining a light on his works, giving Pink Diamond Rain, Fortress of Solitude, Green Eye, Sick Johnny, When the Saints Go Marching In, Earth Head, and Resin Baby new homes.

The Collectors Club Art Gallery placed Taras Opalinski's Glass Panno, Sparks of the Sun, and The Day When Spring Blooms, as well as Oksana Khamnayev's Unpredictable.

Innovative artist Todd Brown placed Demo Tapes and Speedy Pants III.

Ryan A. Troisi minimalist art engaged collectors with sales of Deep Teal and both Deep Purple and Purple & Pink twice, plus several others.


Highlights from 17th edition of Red Dot Miami include:

The African Spirit, by artist and designer Andre Croteau, a pop art-inspired metaphor for the cultural colonization of Africa in K-Art Projects USA's Booth 200 drew an enthusiastic crowd. Drawn in by the piece's unique texture and overall sculptural rhythm, the work symbolizes the ebb and flow of the overall global cultural process.

The Good Dog / Bad Dog Collection by Jackie Fuchs at Art Love Gallery, Booth 208, had people stopping and chuckling for a second and third look. And they had all found new homes by the end of the fair.

Once again Kris and Angela Gebhardt showcased their newest works in the Gebhardt Gallery Booth 401 with Awaken the Soul being placed on Opening Night, among other pieces sold.

Strolling the aisles and finding that perfect piece of art was made all the better while sipping a glass of Pommery Champagne

Red Dot Miami featured galleries received special honors as recipients of this year’s awards, with the following winners:


Spotlight Award:

Artio Gallery

Dong Yang Gallery 

Jen Tough Gallery 

Natalia Fedner Studio

Directors’ Award: Gebhart Gallery and Agora Gallery

Best Booth Design: Ralwins Art Gallery and ArtNWordz

Sculpture Award: Dong Yang Sculpture and The Englishman Fine Art

Award of Excellence: K-Art Projects USA

Best New Exhibitor: Cummings Burg Gallery and Jen Tough Gallery

Best International Exhibitor: Renssen Art Gallery and Gallery With


Showcasing artwork that ranged from watercolors to sculpture, from mixed media to Street Art, and from landscapes to abstracts, the Red Dot five-day art experience had collectors excited to add the artwork to their collections. Here is a sampling of highlights from this year’s exhibitor sales:


Gebhardt Gallery sold two of Kris Gebhardt's sought after pieces along with placing Angela's Awaken the Soul. 

Art Design Consultants was excited with placing Doug Powell's Elton John, Rocket Man. They also sold several of Ken Rausch's pieces to a collector in London — and were busy throughout the fair with placements of several others. 

K-Art Projects USA not only sold Andre Croteau's The African Spirit, but took a commission for a second piece. Additionally, they sold Tatiana Zayseva's O'Keefe Tribute, Marianella Balsini's Menina and Velina in Silver, a Gary Traycyk sculpture, and Nana S.R.T.'s Kagura III, Kagura V, and Kagura VIII.

Art Love Gallery was making impressions from the Opening Night and all through the fair with sales of 40 pieces from Jackie Fuchs, Con$umer, Amy Shekhter, and Hunter Connor artworks.

Dane Fine Art placed multiple pieces created by Jonis Wood, Brainwash, Warhol, Miro, Damien Hirst, Dali, and Moser among others.

Jen Tough Gallery's unique exhibition of the Artist Alliance Collection resulted in sales of Alissa Van Atta's High Roller, Lori Sokoluk's Elk Point and Metis Crossing, Gwen Mafrin's Legacy and Astonish, MG Stout's Sweater Weather, Julia Fong's After You and Adriatic Coast, Carol Jenkins' Rio, and Irmgard Geul's One Way Road and Stop Sign at the Old Dairy Twist.

The Miami Fine Art Gallery had a busy five days and placed multiple artists' works, including Dr. Death, Marc Rudinsky, Jossa, Calder, Alex Katz, Kaws, Kenny Scharf, Brainwash, and Kenny Scharf.

Erik Renssen's works were once again sought after with the Renssen Gallery placing Abstract Figure, Woman in Floral Pantaloons, Mother & Child, Piano, Reclining Nude, Woman with a Book in Red Chair, Still Life with Instruments, and View on Amsterdam, plus two sculptures.

ArtNWordZ was busy throughout the fair and sold multiple pieces ranging in price from $600 to $6,000, including RBG, Loo, Jimmy Hendrix, Butterflies Fly, Waltz World, Flying Off the Page, along with many others.


Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami have grown to become the ultimate destination for the fine art industry professional and contemporary art enthusiast who collectively seek a more accessible experience with exhibits showcasing the world’s most progressive portfolios by some of today’s elite artists, galleries, and emerging talents, with tens of thousands of art aficionados and collectors flocking to see the artwork of more than 1,000+ artists showcased by over 250+ exhibitors.


Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami will return next year to the Mana Wynwood Convention Center, from December 6--10, 2023. For more information, visit and


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