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3D ARTIST AND DESIGNER JENNY JIANG CREATES DREAMLIKE WORLDS THAT UNLEASH THE POWER OF IMAGINATION Jenny Jiang is an early riser. She usually starts her day around 6 AM before getting to her workstation around 9 AM. As a morning ritual, she enjoys watching 3D tutorials with her coffee. Her desk and workstations are an extension of her personality: Notebooks and desk supplies in colorful pastel palettes, flowers, and plants for well-being and peace. One of her designs is hung on the wall: A dreamlike imaginary world featuring a living room in an open garden. Jenny’s approach, just like her...
Contemporary Creative Practice Magazine
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FASHION DESIGNER XINYUE WANG CREATES PLAYFUL AND WHIMSY CLOTHES THAT OFFER UNIQUE SENSORIAL EXPERIENCES As a child, Xinyue spent a considerable amount of time with her grandmother, a skilled tailor who ran her own studio in China, where she made cheongsams, the traditional Mandarin gown. At five years old, Xinyue had already learned how to operate a sewing machine. It was her “wonderland,” she recalls. She would collect trimmings and leftover fabrics while experimenting with vegetables and kitchen supplies to design her own creations. Her grandmother’s studio, the sensations, and the...
Contemporary Creative Practice Magazine
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All About Photo is pleased to present 'Felicific Calculus: Technology as a Social Marker of Class, Race, & Economics in Rochester, NY' by Eric Kunsman
Sandrine Hermand-Grisel, is the curator for this month's show. Part of the exclusive online showroom developed by All About Photo, this exhibition is on view for the month of November 2022 and includes twenty photographs from the series 'Felicific Calculus: Technology as a Social Marker of Class, Race, & Economics in Rochester, NY' Felicific Calculus: Technology as a Social Marker of Class, Race, & Economics in Rochester, NY In the later 18th century, as the U.S. and French Revolutions captured the attention of Europe, reformer and Utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748...
All About Photo
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Jane O'Hara wins Best in Show
Congratulations to Jane O'Hara for Inconventient earning Best in Show in Wild Heart Gallery's On the Brink: Endangered Animals exhibtion. The painting focuses on the frought relationship between humans, animals, and the environment without even putting a human figure on the canvas. Through the symbolic use of a tiny stage on a pole and the morphing of the polar bear into an almost teddybear-like configuration, the human gaze is made obvious. For the On the Brink: Endangered Species juried art exhibition, artists were asked to submit endangered animal artwork. Artwork ranged from realistic...
Wild Heart Gallery
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Breathing Out: ArtCan's artists response to Climate Change joining the conversation for COP27 
Breathing Out 6 November 2022-6 January 2023 An ArtCan Climate Change Virtual Art Event exploring artists response to Climate Change through painting, sculpture, and video, joining the conversation for COP27  Private view Tuesday 8 November  ​We have arrived at a moment where we need startling change, a restructure of our accepted way of life, and to quickly learn and use any emerging technologies that will lead us in the right direction. Art can be a way of discussing the world around us, a reflection of society, often intentionally distorted to highlight issues that make...
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Benefit Print Project: 12 Years of Multiple Making
“Benefit Print Project: 12 Years of Multiple Making” Tues., Oct. 25–Thur., Dec. 8, 2022, Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PA Since its inception in 2010, Benefit Print Project has collaborated with renowned artists from around the world who work in all media, from photography and the traditional graphic arts to ceramics and sculpture, in order to create small sets of multiples that allow a broader audience to access and collect the work of these important creatives. The Freedman is pleased to collaborate with Benefit Print Project on a comprehensive examination of these...
Albright College
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A Celebration Of Culture Exhibition
Thursday October 27th - Sunday October 30th   ** Private View on Thursday October 26th  5pm-8pm    Plus a Live Auction of Artists works including a rare black & white Charlie Philips photographic print   ‘What does it mean to live in a culturally diverse community?     At the Muswell Hill Gallery   Following on from from their extremely successful Charlie Phillips Archive Exhibition, and shows including the Alan Braidwood Spring Exhibition and Azubuike Ani’s “Our Sacred World’, the Muswell Hill Gallery are...
Muswell Hill Gallery
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'Pit Bull Flower Power' Artist Sophie Gamand Partners with Annenberg PetSpace in First LA Exhibition
Award-winning French photographer, multidisciplanry aritst, and activist Sophie Gamand will unveil a new exhibition ‘The Invisible Wounds of Friendship’  in Los Angeles next month from October 6 - 9. Exploring the 15,000-year-old friendship between dogs and humans through the prism of consent and agency, a long time New Yorker, this new exhibition is her first solo show on the West Coast.  Gamand's most notable work includes the 'Pit Bull Flower Power' series and 'Wet Dog'; the recipient of a 2014 Sony World Photography Award, her work has been celebrated in...
Sarah Parsons Media
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A new exhibition by London’s leading 3D Philosopher Jofre Hall
Spanish born multi-disciplinary artist Jofre Hall has been living in London for over a decade. Self-taught and self-styled, his latest exhibition is a multimedia response to the ongoing housing crisis in his adopted city and indeed, the world at large. His latest work asks the timely question that although it’s often said that great artists have no country, should it also be the case that they have no home? Jofre Hall lives and creates his work in an otherwise nondescript semi-detached rented house in resolutely unfashionable Tottenham. Whilst a significant percentage of art is...
Lisa Baker Ltd
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New Climate Art Installation to be Unveiled at London's Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair on the Eve of UN Conference
Artist Leonie Bradley has been selected to create a powerful new installation entitled ‘Swarm’, to be unveiled on the eve of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP27. Commissioned by Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair and Landsec, this major new climate artwork will be exhibited in London from 3-6 November at the fair and then installed at the Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford during 2023.  Bradley, whose work is held in significant collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, Ashmolean Museum, and Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Art, was selected via...
Lisa Baker Ltd
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HOW CINEMATOGRAPHER AND CAMERAMAN ANATOLY IVANOV’S TECHNIQUES ARE REVOLUTIONIZING FILM AND VIDEO MAKING “I think the point of cinematography, of what we do, is intimacy. Its intent is the balance between the familiar and the dream,” once said praised Australian cinematographer Christopher Boyle. This is something Anatoly Ivanov also knows well as a fellow award-winning cinematographer. Anatoly always had an eye for beauty. Born in a small town next to Saint Petersburg, known as the Russian capital of culture. The city was home to many artists and theaters and featured historical...
Contemporary Creative Practice Magazine
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A Parade of Elephants in Spitalfields
It is hard, almost impossible, to find traces of wildlife in a bustling city like London. And the chances of seeing a herd of elephant prance and play around is next to none. So, when the first few elephant bronze sculptures popped up at Old Spitalfields it was especially pleasing to the eye. The herd of elephants eventually grew to twenty-one and included twenty baby elephants and one adult female elephant- the matriarch. The beautiful life-like sculptures created by the extremely talented internationally acclaimed artists Gillie and Marc (
Mahima Kaur
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