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Always Succumb

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27 × 2 × 41 cm
"Peter Doherty's visual works form communicating vessels together with his literary and musical creations. None excludes the other and everywhere poetry and magic can arise and connect. In terms of content, Doherty's visual opus functions as an analogue hypertext, a non-linear web of information and cross-references, characterized by ambiguity, intertextuality, associativity and recontextualization. Part of the intertextuality in Doherty's visual oeuvre are the typewritten pages and fragments. They are a mixture of art and literature. Like William S. Burroughs, Doherty uses the typewriter as an illustrative tool. He spontaneously describes events and observations from his everyday life. As with Hunter S. Thompson, delirious subjectivist stories arise as well as songs or novel sketches, ideas for plays and stories in which his alter ego „Ed Belly“ or „Lonely Villain“ play a role." from the text "Through the Looking Glass - A Portrait of Peter Doherty as a Visual Artist" by Christian Martinez Schwabbauer As the frontman of the Libertines and the later founded Babyshambles Peter Doherty (born 1979) has been one of the influential figures of rock music of the past 15 years or so. Though as publicity not as effective, he also has been continuously productive in the genre of fine arts. As early as the late 1990s—when Doherty and Carl Barât shared an apartment—his ideas made their way into music, texts and paintings likewise. From September 9th to December 31st 2022 the solo exhibition „Contain yourself (seriously)“ featuring artworks by Peter Doherty will present mixed media, collages, original texts and typewriter art together with installation objects from the everyday life of the artist. The exhibited artworks will provide an insight into different stages—spatial and temporal—of the life of Doherty. Thus the artworks were created i. a. in England, Spain, France and Thailand. Original texts and manuscripts will be presented in the Salon of the gallery, attended by readings especially recorded by Peter Doherty for this occasion.

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Dimension: 27 × 2 × 41 cm


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