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"Le vide n'existe pas moins que les corps"





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Saturday, 12 March 2022 to Saturday, 26 March 2022

Gallery70 is happy to present  an OVR by the French artist Fabien.BOUGUENNEC, opening online the 12 March 2022 , corresponding to  the 27th edition of Francophonie Week
"Le vide n'existe pas moins que les corps"
."Void does not exist less than bodies" is a phrase by Aristode around the theme of nothingness and emptiness that I discovered in 2020 in Etienne Klein's book, "What is without being quite ", an essay, which also had the theme of emptiness and nothingness.
Locked in my studio without exhibitions, I was able to transform this time into a playground to experiment and give a new way to my work.
The idea of this exhibition is to connect the notion of emptiness, which is not nothing, and the very entity of my characters, who, despite the absence of face and/or body, are not " empty".
 Because, by this "void" or this "absence", we have an immeasurable possibility of imagination.
 Even nothingness is creative...

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Fabien Bouguennec paints with his heart more than his hands.He knows how to glimpse artistic opportunities in objects, concepts of everyday life and draws original and innovative parallels between onirism and tangible reality, between materials, nature and everything surrounding him, then transposing this to his canvas. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, with his head in the stars but also an avid reader of Einstein's theories, the painter largely draws on his experiences but also in quantum mechanics and cosmology to truly give life to his paintings. More than simply painting, his work is soaked in a lunar spirituality and has its place in the quest for our origins. Nothing is true, everything goes; nothing is immobile, everything is a question of contrast.

His work is constantly evolving, allowing infinite artistic possibilities.

The painter has several skills under his belt; figurative or abstract art, surrealist or néo symbolist, he is an expert in combining styles: he navigates in time and space, takes elements from here and there, adapts them, transforms them to become a true artistic alchemist and open a door to the unknown, almost to another dimension.

More than a simple visualisation of his paintings, discovering Fabien Bouguennec is the promise of a journey to another world.

Fabien Bouguennec, is born in 1988 at Vannes, France Live and work in Evellys, France .

He has exhibited in France and abroad , in solo and group exhibitions.


Marie d’Evellys, Bretagne, FRANCE

CICA (Czong institute of contemporary Art) museum, 196-30, Samdo-ro, (10049) KOREA

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Rruga Adbi Toptani @Toptani Center , ground floor 



Gallery70 , Tirana

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