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Sunday, 29 January 2023 to Sunday, 26 February 2023

[...] The area where I currently work  exhales a certain supernatural feeling -  there is a graveyard nearby, old industrial buildings -ruins from the past, the allotment garden culture of Leipzig, a busy railway and of course the signs of cultural gentrification blending in my view in a very inspiring scenario. 

"Most of the time I do a collage with my acrylic paint. To add another element, to cross a  piece of figure also means to annihilate or bury  the work I did with a lot of effort. Like in a slow distillery I consolidate time, effort and a certain feeling of sacrifice to create a typical painting.
This anti- efficient process formed most of the artwork included in this viewing room.
 “Pink Fun” is  different and  I sometimes feel uneasy looking at it. I get the feeling that the painting  the painting doesn't have enough layers.  
In 2023 I  will probably do more artworks around the unpopular  themes of aging, death and their spiritual expressions. But in the “Pink Fun” is the opposite direction. There is no fixed meaning, but one could connect it to the superficial porn and youth culture, hence the name.
“Alchemie”: The painting reflects symbols of life/death. It looks like a card for divination or religious Icon. The tree in the center is a yew tree, it could be the Axis mundi, world tree, the head and bodies are mostly ornamental and yield to a strict symmetry of forms and colors. Its a 2 meter tapestry that wraps up the observer with mystery, riddle and bit of evil.
“Das Konzert (the Concert)”  Four figures gather around a well or large tank. The magic of symbolism, flying curtains form a dreamlike scenery. The background  is fuzzy .There is music, maybe singing. The colors are intense and in contrast to the nebulous background. In full size it is pretty impressive, but also strangely closed. Its really like an intense dream you can not touch. 
“Vanitas” - Plays with the Skull the Symbol of perishability on one side and strong  colors of life and a atmosphere like abstraction on the other side. One of these paintings where I managed to leave open space.
“Zauberspiegel”  A Male Figure Stands in the Center, there is  an empty floating chair in the foreground. signs, colors and symbols frame the scene. I always liked painted movie advertising.  The shrill colors, the writings, pieces of people, faces, scenes banked up in a poster. The empty chair is part of my studio and the male figure stands like a man, worker or even killer in an action movie. The yellow is like an explosion and really nothing fits. To many colors, it is framed by snakes and looks like a fairytale mirror Paint tubes fall from the sky - It was fun to do. - Martin Ziegler

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Early in his career Martin Ziegler worked  as an intern at the Stenzel and Tauber restorers' association in Dresden, the Sächs restoration workshop, Office for the Preservation of Monuments in Dresden and with Bernd Dombrowski in the College of Restorers in Berlin. After this,  he studied painting and graphics at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig  with Prof. Arno Rink and Prof. Neo Rauch. He completed his diploma in fine arts  and than his master with Neo Rauch as his mentor. 

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rruga Abdi Toptani at Toptani Center , Tirana 1000, AL

Gallery70 , Tirana

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