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ConStruct: The Art of Assemblage - An Exhibition by Kharris Brill



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Saturday, 1 June 2024 to Thursday, 1 August 2024
Saturday, 1 June 2024 - 6:00pm

ConStruct: The Art of Assemblage, an international online solo mixed media assemblage exhibition by Kharris Brill opens on June 01, and will continue for two months until August 01, 2024.

My new curiosity though is Assemblage pieces. These bits I have collected are so beautiful and opportunity to combine them in a kid-curiosity way is soooo amazing. All of these things that I curated mean something to some part of my head and heart. My hope is that they engage people in that same innocent-curious way that they do for me. I want there to be pauses…where just looking at the piece actually requires some time, exploration, question.

Kharris Brill invites viewers to embark on a journey through the intricate tapestry of collected fragments, each holding a story, a memory, or a dream. With a child-like curiosity, these treasures are meticulously woven together, forming a landscape of wonder and introspection. With each piece carefully curated, the "ConStruct - The Art of Assemblage" exhibition aims to evoke a sense of pause, prompting exploration and contemplation. As viewers delve into the depths of each creation, they are invited to connect with the Kharris Brill's vision, discovering the beauty and meaning within the assemblage.

Visit this unique exhibition and walk into Kharris's world at

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I moved to Maine from Utah in 1989, living on Peaks Island for seven years, and attended a year at Portland School of Art (currently the Maine College of Art & Design). I then bought and restored a house in South Portland, Maine, and since 2008 have been living in Bath with my husband, Ken. I opened a small shop, “Kharris B” (combining elements of maiden and married name), in downtown Bath for a few years, and I now work out of my studio at home. 

Most of my work is self-educated, learning new tools and techniques as I go. I am a profound collector of All Things Interesting. Found object assemblage is a new passion that lets me combine some fun materials that I scavenged. I’ve started some new ideas with stained glass; I continue experimenting with any medium and cool paper. I still do some woodworking and have managed to usurp most of our garage.

I have the inspirational assistance of two studio dogs and a delightful view outside of Maine’s Kennebec River and all sorts of wildlife. I am lucky to have the most patient supportive husband that allows My Crazy to survive.

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Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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