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Natural Inspirations: An Environmental Painting Exhibition by Andrea Shearing



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Monday, 10 June 2024 to Saturday, 10 August 2024
Monday, 10 June 2024 - 6:00pm

Natural Inspirations, an international online solo painting art exhibition by Andrea Shearing opens on June 10, and will continue for two months until August 10, 2024.

Andrea's solo exhibition, "Natural Inspirations," offers a profound exploration of nature's emotional and symbolic depths through her meditative and deliberate painting process. Her use of blue hues embodies tranquility, inviting viewers to find peace and connection with the natural world. Trained at Edinburgh College of Art, Andrea's work is a testament to her belief in the healing power of art, inspired by the medics in her family. Each piece aims to bridge the inner and outer worlds, fostering a sense of calm and reflection that speaks directly to the soul.

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Andrea works in acrylic, which is more suitable for laying flat areas of paint, and as she prefers the challenge of composing in irregular shapes, she works on MDF. She also has a passion for drawing and uses a complete range of graphite pencils and graphite powder.

Andrea's mission explores the emotional symbolism of her subject matter. She is currently working on sea paintings in which the movement of the ocean waves express the rhythm of life, the force and strength of nature. Its turbulence and calm reflect her inner world. Following the ebb and flow of froth on the surface helps her to read the moods of the deeper waters.

She exhibits regularly in UK, Europe and USA. Andrea is currently exploring interactive painting which allows the viewer to reconfigure how the individual parts of a painting can be re-positioned in relation to each other to form a new work of art. The challenge is that the piece retains integrity; however, the viewer places the pieces together.

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Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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