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Shapes and Colors 2024: An International Art Exhibition by Gallerium



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Wednesday, 5 June 2024 to Monday, 5 August 2024
Wednesday, 5 June 2024 - 6:00pm

We are delighted to invite you to the Shapes and Colors - 2024, our 2nd Annual International Online Art Exhibition. This vibrant celebration of the fundamental elements of artistic creation brings together a diverse array of artists from around the globe, each exploring the profound impact of shapes and colors in their work. The exhibition officially opens on June 05, and will continue for two months until August 05, 2024.

Shapes and Colors - 2024 is more than just an exhibition; it's a journey into the heart of art itself. Shapes and colors are the essential building blocks of all visual art, whether real or imagined. They form the language through which artists communicate with their audience, creating a dialogue that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. This exhibition aims to highlight the beauty and versatility of these elements, showcasing how they come together to forge powerful connections between the creator and the observer.

We have curated a selection of extraordinary pieces that embody the essence of this theme, each one offering a unique perspective on the interplay between shapes and colors. From abstract compositions to figurative works, each artwork invites you to see the world through the artist's eyes, to feel the emotions they convey, and to appreciate the creativity that shapes their vision.

We warmly encourage you to not only view the stunning artworks on display but also to engage with them. Your ratings and comments are invaluable to both the artists and the community, as they foster a deeper connection and understanding between all participants. Share your thoughts, feelings, and insights as you explore the exhibition, and be a part of this dynamic exchange of ideas.

Join us in celebrating the power of shapes and colors to inspire, transform, and unite. Visit the Shapes and Colors - 2024 International Online Art Exhibition and experience the magic of art in its purest form. We look forward to your participation and to the enriching conversations that your engagement will inspire.

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Rich Sheaffer, ILIA, Robert Willits, Cher Pruys, Luana Stebule, Jennifer Hannigan-Green, Patricia Llovera, Xianming Mao, Vince Quevedo, Jack Curtis, Edward Oslund, Steve Yates, Jeffrey Melzack, Jacinto Zambrano, Charles Crabb, Yvonne Maximchuk, Arthur Jacoby, Cynthia Yatchman, Diane Denham, Barbara Sammons, Sylvia Sylos, Missy Lynne, Meg McKenzie Ryan, Gail Watkins, Carol Meckling, Anastasia Maximova, Sandra Frankel, Michael Hemphill, Randa Lake, Lale Gerger, Penny FireHorse, Mick Ulichney, Michael Banschbach, Virgilio Alomar, Steven Austin, Brittany Bennett, Mitchell Biggio, Stephanie Bing, Kamila Blessing, Sydney B. Bryan, Rodney Buxton, Geneva Carroll, Jean Carter, Steve Caulfield, Roya Chadab, Joanna Cotler, Catherine A. Cox, Rana Davis, Gracen deBruyn, Brooke DeForge, Fran Dorr, Steven Downer, Accento Simone Dozier, Andy Friedlander, Jodius Fuqua, Norman Gabitzsch, Ash, Judith Guenther, Robin Haller, Tyler Harris, Doug Houston, Jinan Kim, Jesse Klassen, Lilly Kueter, Kimi Kuniyoshi, Carla Lawson, Lisa Lesch Morrow, Kate Lim, Thomas Lipkins, Peter M Wach, Russ Mackensen, Sucharita Maitra, Brenda Man-Fletcher, Leslie Marcus, Michael Margolis, Connor Martino, Jeff McCalmon, Arron McGuire, Melissa Mckinney, Irina Metz, Lynne Mizera, Christopher Morrow, Kelly Moyle Haltom, Ellen Murray, Jacob Neifert, Agam Neiman, Poul Nielsen, Barbara Page, Maurice Pearson, Matthew Pepe, Jody Peters, Patrick Phillips, Michele Pierce, J S Robertson, Nadine Romain, Karen Romani, Amelia Rozear, Emely Ruiz, Ruth Saunders, David Schafer, Mariana Schwartz, Victoria Selby, Gail Shaw Clemons, Rea Shin, Helen Shipman, Marlene Siff, Nicole Simmons, Kai Smith, Wendy Stegall, Maria Terzieva, Uyen Tieu, Mike Trainor, Ben Troy, Venu Tummalapalli, Wanda Tyner, Kaitlynn Vandaveer, Emily Vargas, Marcela Vasquez, Linh Vo, Derrick Whaley, Shawna Williams, Candace Wilson, Ephraim Wina, Benjamin Xu, Moones Zeydabadi Nejad, Inna Davidovich

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Countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Poland, Israel, Lithuania, Australia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Armenia, China (PR)

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Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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