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True Beauty 2024: 3rd Annual International Group Exhibition by Exhibizone



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024 to Monday, 12 August 2024
Wednesday, 12 June 2024 - 6:00pm

We are thrilled to invite you to the True Beauty - 2024, the 3rd annual international online art exhibition by @exhibizone, where the concept of beauty is celebrated in its myriad forms and expressions. True Beauty is an ever-evolving, universal idea that transcends boundaries, cultures, and backgrounds, and we are delighted to present a diverse array of artworks that encapsulate this timeless theme.

The exhibition officially opens on June 15, and will continue for two months until August 15, 2024.

True Beauty - 2024 is a unique virtual exhibition that invites you to embark on a journey through the eyes of artists from around the world. Here, beauty manifests in countless ways – from the delicate charm of a pretty face and the heartwarming sight of a cute animal to the serene elegance of a tranquil landscape, the precise allure of geometric forms, and the evocative depth of abstract works. Each piece in our exhibition is a testament to the adage, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," reminding us that what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another.

We encourage you to explore this captivating collection, where every artwork tells a story and invites reflection. As you navigate through the exhibition, take a moment to immerse yourself in the creativity and vision of the artists. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable, and we invite you to leave your ratings and comments on each piece. Your feedback not only enriches the exhibition experience but also supports the artists in understanding the impact of their work.

Join us in celebrating the essence of beauty in all its forms at True Beauty - 2024. Let your heart be moved, your senses delighted, and your mind inspired. We look forward to your participation and hope that you find this online exhibition as inspiring and enriching as we have.

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Artist ( Description ): 

Linda Lansbury, ILIA, Ulrika Leander, Farida Ali, Alexandr Arpentin, Chiara Germelli, Robert Snyder, Stephanie Bing, Meg McKenzie Ryan, Vince Quevedo, Robert Willits, Kelly Moyle Haltom, Mark Shevetone, Sylvia Sylos, David Grable, Mary Alice Landry, Darlene Spell, Christopher Morrow, Jay Tamlin, Shelley Koorbatoff, Jacob Neifert, Paul Gilbertson, Taylor Overbey, Cathy Breslaw, Edward Donald, Mallorie Ostrowitz, Michael Jicha, Nikki Coulombe, Michael G Quon, Cher Pruys, Theresa Auricchio, Steven Austin, Anna Bates, Stephen Beccia, Jagdish Bhavsar, Angelika Bondar, Genesis Cartagena, Jean Carter, Linda Cassidy, Madison Chymiy, David Coblitz, Elissa Dellosso, Soumi Dutta, Alexandra Ellena, Kevin Frick, Yannick Garreau, Valentina Gil Giron, Ellie Gore, Avionna Green, Paula Hare, April Harris, Oliver Heinl, Michael Hesser, Carmen Hill, Lisa Hite, Lynett Holder, Jeanette Hughes, John Hughes, Thomas Hunt, Shannon Imhoff, Laura Karasek, Paul Kline, Don Kohlbauer, K L, Peter M Wach, Brenda Man-Fletcher, Ella Manhardt, Rodrigo Marin, Melissa Mckinney, Ben McPhie, Tiffany Mitchell, Carl Moore, Bethany Morlan, Susan Nangle, Glen Neff, Kaylee Norman, Jennifer Ogden, Rebecca Ogun, Jeremy Padilla, Barbara Page, Natasha Freeman, Kassidy Powell, Cindy Prevett, Megan Rahm, Eileen Riley, Joshua Sacks, Barbara Sammons, Ruth Saunders, Tanja Schlosser, Diana Laura Serrano Silva, Marvin Shafer, Tek-Ming Shen, Nicole Simmons, Amir Smith, Ariel Snapp, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Trev Stinson, Artie Terra, Sean Michael Thompson, Vanessa Torres, Steve Trettel, Benjamin Truong, Linda Trytek, Magda Van Dahlen, Linh Vo, Ronald Walker, Christopher Grant Ward, Kelly Weizer, Gina Whalen, Anna Ruby Whitmire, Carole Whitney, Shawna Williams, Jessica Worth, Anna Yakusheva, Sarah Yi, Stephen Yia

Other Info: 

Countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia, Rwanda, France, Peru, Germany, Sudan, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Israel, Australia, Hungary, Italy

Venue ( Address ):

Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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