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Remains IV: A Solo Painting Exhibition by Soulaf Abas




Tuesday, 1 March 2022 to Thursday, 31 March 2022
Tuesday, 1 March 2022 - 6:00pm

Remains IV, an international online solo painting exhibition by Soulaf Abas opens on March 01, and will continue through March 31, 2022.

Soulaf's work investigates loss in its emotional sense. Syrian born artist examines the way in which grief can help us construct meaning and expresses the war that rages within upon experiencing loss. Her work observes the internal landscape, the psychological terrain and how it shifts and moves in response to external circumstances.

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Artist ( Description ): 

Soulaf was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. In 2008 she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Indiana State University. Then, she returned to Syria and taught art at the Arab European University. In 2010, Soulaf returned to Indiana State University to get her masters in Fine Arts. After she received her MFA in painting in 2013, she taught part time at Indiana State University.

Soulaf went back to visit her family in Damascus-Syria in the summer of 2012, a year after the revolution began. Upon her return from Syria, she started creating images in painting and printmaking that depicted what she’d experienced. She continues to explore the effects of loss and trauma in her oil painting and printmaking works.

Her work was exhibited nationally and internationally. She also received multiple residencies and awards for her work like the Social Justice Residency in Santa Fe, NM, and multiple ELCE Grants from Indiana State University.

Soulaf lives and works in Terre Haute, Indiana where she teaches art at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.

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Venue ( Address ):

Biafarin Inc. , Toronto

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