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Thursday, 25 May 2023 to Thursday, 6 July 2023
Thursday, 25 May 2023 - 6:00pm

synthesis gallery presents UNSTABLE OBJECTS | Online, an online exhibition going live May 25, 2023, on New Art City and running through July 6, 2023, and UNSTABLE OBJECTS |  The screenings, a video screening program opening physically June 1, 2023, at Molt (Berlin) and running through June 20, 2023.

The contemporary visual universe has become an uncanny, quirky, mixed up place: gifs, photoshopping, GAN, remixes, deep fakes and memes have made their way from the depths of the digital world into our everyday lives. Images have become unstable objects, as art historian Valentina Tanni refer to them: they are made, sent, resent, distorted, manipulated by human and non-human life forms, and the growing and accelerating dissemination of their contents and contexts affects systems of power and changes the way we perceive reality.

Bringing together works by Casey Kauffmann, Katherine Mills Rymer, Nicoleta Mures and Romain Thibault, UNSTABLE OBJECTS | Online highlights this new era of images and their power to reflect our fragmented, hybrid, hyper-stimulated selves. Either taken from popular culture or created from scratch, distorted upon themselves or remixed in the primordial swirl of the internet, the works on display stand as a form of critique and celebration. Romain Thibault's project “Cognitive Distortions” is about automatic thought patterns that cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately and negatively. This phenomenon is explored through the lens of our current image culture. Katherine Mills Rymer's sister works “Face Like A Cave” and “Hairy Melty” explore ideas of the socialized self, the private self and the paradisiacal online self. Each work seeks to understand internal shame, infinite circularity and digital entanglement. Casey Kauffmann's “Cursed AF” series of GIFs explore the concept of cursed content, a type of online content and popular subculture that is considered disturbing, unsettling or even frightening. Nicoleta Mures' collages explore the overwhelming nature of our always-connected society, highlighting the alienation that comes with living in a world where we are always online but never truly present. The artworks are placed in dialogue with a virtual environment architecturally designed by Mohsen Hazrati, to recall the overflowing and breached out stream of the web.

UNSTABLE OBJECTS | The screenings is presented physically at MOLT, a Berlin-based project space, through June and presents video works by Sara Bezovšek, Casey Kauffmann, Valerie Leya and Lorna Mills. Lorna Mills' “Ways of Something” is a collaborative four-episode remake of John Berger's influential 1972 documentary Ways of Seeing, which explored the hidden forces of power, wealth and desire at work in traditional notions of art. For “Ways of Something”, Mills crowdsourced over 115 digital and new media artists to produce minute-long videos inspired by every minute of the original documentary, creating a stunning homage that takes the viewer on a tour of art in a post-internet age. Valerie Leya's “Powers of Cringe: An Essay on Aesthetics of Degradation” explains the cringe aesthetic in internet culture. It attempts an aerial view of cringe, using art historical and post-Marxist frameworks to explain how cringe emerged in today's technological paradigm. Casey Kauffmann's “Knowing Others and Wanting to be Known” is a video collage piece created using found videos, after effects and a variety of phone-based applications, addressing the archival nature of the online performance of the self. Sara Bezovšek's “False Utopia” embraces new remix culture to speculate on the possibility of utopia in our society, extrapolating snippets from the internet with a strong visual awareness.

Our eyes are constantly darting from one image to another: how does contemporary art respond? How do new subcultures emerge in the suburbs of the Internet? What does cringe really mean? UNSTABLE OBJECTS ponders on these questions and offers a perspective on our relationship with images today and the vertiginous visual abundance that characterizes our times and that needs to be explored and analyzed in order to be comprehended.

UNSTABLE OBJECTS is curated by Rebecca Manzoni and co-curated by Giorgio Vitale.

Online exhibition: May 25, 2023 – July 6, 2023
Opening: May 25, 2023 - 6pm CET
Venue: New Art City -

UNSTABLE OBJECTS |The screenings
June 1, 6pm CET: Valerie Leya, Lorna Mills
June 8, 6pm CET: Sara Bezovsek, Lorna Mills
June 13, 6pm CET: Casey Kaufmann, Lorna Mills
June 20, 6pm CET: Lorna Mills
Venue: Molt - Tempelhofer Ufer 1A, 10961 Berlin

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Molt - Tempelhofer Ufer 1A, 10961 Berlin

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