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Martin Kozlowski Heat Wave

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Saturday, 2 June 2018 to Saturday, 28 July 2018

GALERIE WILMA TOLKSDORF is pleased to announce the first solo show of Martin Kozlowski at the gallery presenting a series of new works made in the year 2018. Characterized by elaborate yet reduced compositions and refined colour palettes, the works in the exhibition Heat Wave deliberate what constitutes an image and how it can be constructed. Touching on artistic positions working with the means of spray paint, Kozlowski developed his own distinctive visual language.

References of the toolsets of digital drawing software – functions such as cropping, inserting, filling surfaces with colour – provide the basis in Martin Kozlowski’s final images and serve as a guidance in his artistic process. The artist develops his motifs by adding shaped layers upon each other and by continually readjusting the painting’s composition. Using acrylic spray paint, tape and a cutter as his primary tools, Kozlowski then proceeds to translate the image on to the canvas.

The individual titles such as 08.05.18, 2018 mark the day of the completion of a work and simultaneously reveal the processuality that is present in the works. The series ultimately reflects the intensity that went into its own production and the artist’s response to the perceived conditions under which it was made: Transmitting the feeling of hot shimmering air, the paintings alternate between dynamic lines and their fuzzy, soft-edged counterparts against a seemingly monochrome backdrop, immediately evoking the dog days of summer.

The works of Martin Kozlowski reflect the transitional states between the digital and the analogue. In a play of manipulating the different layers that form the final image, the artist constructs systems of structures that blur the borders of the foreground and the background. In his works, the artist manages not only to reconcile seemingly conflicting possibilities of digital image generation and a distinct gestural application of paint but to make them mutually dependent. The visual language typical of Martin Kozlowski originates from the artist’s pursuit of finding new ways to construct an image.

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Martin Kozlowski (*1984) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied art at Goldsmiths University in London and graduated as a master student at Staedelschule under Amy Sillman in 2017. The artist’s works have been presented at exhibitions in Stockholm, London, Berlin and Frankfurt amongst others. Martin Kozlowski is the 2018 prize winner of the Vera and Göran Agnekils Stipend of the Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm.

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Hanauer Landstrasse 136

60314 Frankfurt / Main


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