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We Are Joseph Beuys




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Wednesday, 6 April 2022 to Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Lavagna - Italy, March 14th 2022 - Press release for immediate release

CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium and Jizaino present the group exhibition “We Are Joseph Beuys”.

A further exhibition to never quench but project indefinitely into the future the message of the shaman-artist who inspired many generations and promoted the environmentalist awareness in our society, in particular during his intense relation with the Italian cultural scene. This show wants to keep the debate running on the truest and deepest feeling of love for the nature that pushed him, through artworks by contemporary artists who confront with his way to express and make art, his activities, his personality or even his figure.

We Are Joseph Beuys
6 - 26 April 2022
CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium
Corso Buenos Aires 42 11
Lavagna, Italy

Opening hours: all days from 10.00 to 18.00 booking on

Free entrance

The exhibition curated by Abramo Tepes Montini features photography, performance, drawing, poetry and video artworks by Susana Barbara, blanche the vidiot, Benna Gaean Maris, Lamija Halilagic, Yana Kononova, Bill Psarras, Lucas Rebelo, Lexygius Sanchez Calip, José D. Trejo-Maya and Elena Waclawiczek, besides one multiple of the German master dating back to the Italian period of the 70s.

The safeguard of one's own natural habitat is tightly tied to the respect for the human being, thus it is a social and political attitude. And in this particular historical moment, witnessing the reignition of the conflict between superpowers, we have to stress that we are pacifists and we unite to the sorrow inflicted to people who wish to live in peace with the world and in their own habitat. For this sake we want to underline that some naturalist photographs by Ukrainian artist Yana Kononova will be exhibited, despite the objective difficulties of this moment.

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Corso Buenos Aires 42 11
16033 Lavagna, Italy

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