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In Contemporanea

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Monday, 19 April 2021
Monday, 19 April 2021 - 11:00pm

Roma, 19 aprile – 19 maggio 2021

Curator Joe Hansen and Cristina Madini

The exhibitions with new talented artists continue, with a multiple and diversified artistic offer, which Rossocinabro after twelve years of activity and more than 200 exhibitions, offers to its public analyzing the different territories of the Contemporary,  sometimes distant from each other, leading them on their paths through the artworks presented according to different and often unpublished interpretations.

The exhibition, therefore, as an irreplaceable tool of knowledge and training includes many aspects of artistic expression from painting, to sculpture, to photography.

The 'In Contemporanea' project is based precisely on this variety of stimuli, to approach the public, consciously and gradually, to the world of Art and Galleries.

The project meetings include, in addition to the exhibition of the artworks, days of meeting to present and explain the artworks to the interested people.

Pluralism in itself, denying the existence of universal and objective truth, is probably one of the most important and most typical characteristics of modern societies, and will increasingly be a driving force of progress also in the artistic, as well as scientific and economic fields.

This promotional activity, open to all forms of expression and based on the pluralism of choices, intends to guarantee the multiplicity of the offer and therefore will also involve ever-changing artists in the future.

Featured artists:  Alessandro Angeletti, Heike Baltruweit, Oleg Bregman, Roderick Camilleri, Aleksandra Ciążyńska, Onno Dröge, Andreas Ender, Gabi Simon Artworks Concept, Andrew Heiser, Juliet Hillbrand, Michael Jiliak, Alexandra Kordas, Riikka Korpela, Constanza Laguna Roldán, Marcia Lorente Howell, Judith Minks, Fanou Montel, Susan Nalaboff Brilliant, Renée Rauchalles, Erwin Rios, Belle Roth, Nina Stopar

img: Lift your head high - digital art quality print under acrylic glass cm 60 x 40  – by Riikka Korpela

Gmail: rossocinabro@gmail.com

Instagram: rossocinabro_gallery

Twitter: @rossocinabro

Facebook: rossocinabro

Youtube: rossocinabro

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Via Raffaele Cadorna 28

00187 Roma Italia

Visit: rossocinabro.com

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