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Fluid Statics



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Friday, 9 November 2018
Friday, 9 November 2018 - 10:00am

Since her appointment as our second Artist in Residence, multidisciplinary research driven artist, Imogen Piper has delved into the vast quantities of data accumulated at Tower Bridge. Following three months of exploration, interpretation and experimentation, Imogen’s residency culminates in this exciting new exhibition, which will centre on a large-scale sculpture fashioned from the pipes, containers and tubes that mimic the numerous fluidic systems at the heart of the Bridge.

The work encourages visitors to explore Tower Bridge through new perspectives, offering new interpretations of a familiar icon through data-visualisation. The resulting exhibition strips the Bridge right back to its mechanical core, exploring the intricate process systems central to the function of this iconic river crossing.

The new work will be on display in the Victorian Engine Rooms, inviting visitors to explore and draw parallels between the work and the historic steam engines once integral to powering of the mighty Bridge Lifts.

The exhibition runs from Friday 9 November 2018 – January 2019(inclusive) and admission is included in the entry price for Tower Bridge. No booking necessary.


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Imogen Piper is an artist who seeks to draw parallels between disparate systems, converging the existing rather than fabricating the new. Producing artworks from these untested convergences, she addresses current political issues and wider societal uncertainties. Her process is research-driven and systematic, with outputs varying across film, publication, sculpture and performance.  Follow Imogen on [insert social channels]

Performed at The Imperial War Museum and The Design Museum, Piper’s most recent series of works entitled ‘Encoded Revolt’ encoded the co-ordinates and surrounding data of airstrikes in the Syrian conflict within music. These works were produced by converging the code make-up of airstrike data with the musical compositional movement Serialism, allowing digital data susceptible to censorship to be performed and preserved in the musical form. 

Whilst ‘Encoded Revolt’s convergence of airstrike data with music allowed for a new medium of emotional engagement with the conflict’s quantitive information; she now hopes to illuminate a unique quality of the Bridge through a new form of data representation.

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Tower Bridge, Tower Bridge Road, SE1 2UP 

Kallaway Ltd. , London

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