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HOFA Gallery’s virtual group exhibition titled ‘Myth-Making’



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Wednesday, 10 June 2020 to Thursday, 16 July 2020

HOFA Gallery announces it will feature 9 global contemporary artists in the upcoming virtual group exhibition titled ‘Myth-Making’, which will launch on 10 June 2020. The virtual exhibition, set to run for 5 weeks until 16 July, will showcase select works by emerging and celebrated contemporary mixed-media artists: Florian Eymann, Dean Fox, Fabio Viale, Darian Mederos, Ilhwa Kim, Zhuang Hong Yi, Joel Rea, Romina Ressia and Wang Ziling. 'Myth-Making' will be an immersive visual art experience where viewers will explore constructed realities of exhibited artworks in which mythic icons are deftly referenced, deconstructed, and reimagined.                                                        

In a time of great and far reaching disruption, HOFA's carefully curated exhibition acknowledges the role myths play as tools for understanding and navigating reality. Through this acknowledgment, 'Myth-Making' invites introspection about accepted notions of temporal and spatial fixedness, and their influence on the meanings of iconic symbolisms. The artists featured in this exhibition are masters at staging the layers of contradiction, incongruity and spatio-temporal perspectives that instigate the meaning- and narrative-making processes by which myths come to be.

United by their layering of artistic techniques and historical tropes, Dean Fox, Fabio Viale, Florian Eymann, and Romina Ressia reinvent classical iconography for the contemporary while also challenging existing social norms. Eymann and Fox haunt the psyche with their reductive and distorted renditions of classical art, while Viale and Ressia, through starkly contrasting historical tropes and mediums, challenge the socio-normative narratives of our time.                                                                                                

For their part, Ilhwa Kim, Zhuang Hong Yi and Wang Ziling employ cultural mediums in novel ways that wield their deep cultural symbolisms as instruments and subtexts for explorations in contemporary reality. Hong Yi sculpts traditional Chinese xuan paper into elaborate, colour-laden flowerbeds that lead viewers to both marvel at the beauty of nature and question humanity's fraught relation to it. For Kim, it is with traditional Korean Hanji paper, painstakingly rolled and dyed, that she conjures multi-dimensional seed universes that awaken the senses to the narrative dynamics of spatio-temporal perspective. Rounding out this cohort is Ziling who brings a sculptural dimension to traditional Asian landscape paintings with an innovative, boundary-defying technique that leads the eyes on a spatial and narrative transition.

Hyperrealism, surrealism, and abstraction make a strong appearance in the 'Myth-Making' exhibition through the works of Joel Rea and Darian Mederos. Both artists excel at layering perspective plays on reality. Joel Rea weaves hyperrealism with surrealism in ways that inevitably turn the viewers gaze inwards to emotions of foreboding and vulnerability, while Darian Mederos melds hyperrealism and abstraction, stirring up unsettling feelings as realities seemingly take turns at blending out of sight as others emerge into the fore.                                                                                                               

'Myth-Making' will continue HOFA’s new series of innovative virtual exhibitions, with its special VR-enabled features. Speaking on plans for the forthcoming show, HOFA co-founder, Elio D'Anna, said, "Myth-Making is going to be our longest running virtual art exhibition this year and we're very much looking forward to it. The concept behind the exhibition is very intriguing, and we hope art lovers around the world will make a virtual stop with us to experience some of the most remarkable mixed-media artists of our time."

Exclusive virtual press preview available from Tuesday 9 June 2020 at 5pm onwards, please RSVP to

'Myth-Making' exhibition will be accessible via a secure link on the HOFA website on Wednesday 10 June – Thursday 16 July 2020.

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11 Bruton Street
London W1J 6PY
United Kingdom

HOFA Gallery , London

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