Exhibition | HOFA Gallery presents new works by contemporary artist, Darian Mederos, in a solo exhibition titled, 'God is a Woman' | Contemporary Art at HOFA Gallery (London) | London | Art Week

HOFA Gallery presents new works by contemporary artist, Darian Mederos, in a solo exhibition titled, 'God is a Woman'

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Tuesday, 10 November 2020 to Thursday, 19 November 2020

HOFA Gallery is set to host a solo exhibition titled, 'God is a Woman', featuring new works by young contemporary artist, Darian Mederos, in Mayfair, London, from 10 - 19 November (press preview 9 November). The Cuban-born hyperrealist painter whose prodigious talent has seen to his meteoric rise, will unveil 12 new works heralding an evolution in his practice and artistic focus. The 10-day in-gallery show will be complemented by a virtual exhibition, also set to launch on 10 November, which would afford more art lovers within and outside London a chance to experience Mederos’ new works.

In 'God is a Woman', Darian Mederos transitions from hyper-real portraits to more narrative paintings centred on 'woman' as his subject and protagonist. Close-up portraits often obscured by a signature bubble wrap layer give way to more elaborate scenes in which the artist captures what he describes as ultimate beauty epitomized in the female form. 

Mederos employs his distinctive layering and hyperrealist painting techniques in ways that provide a foundation for his new, more narrative works, allowing him to capture intimate scenes in the lives of his subjects. The outcome are captivating homages to the natural beauty of the female form as encountered, perhaps unexpectedly, in moments of heightened vulnerability and sensuality. The artist's iconographic bubble wrap facade also takes on new meaning as a protection or veil, alluding further to the vulnerability of the female subject and the viewer's yet undefined role as a momentary witness to the scene. 

'God is a Woman' clearly engages the audience in an art experience that reaches beyond the hyper-real verisimilitudes captured in the underlying layers of the works. Mederos boldly asserts that the inner beauty of women is mediated and expressed through their external form, and in 'God is a Woman', the artist presents this beauty in ways that intrigue the mind while cleverly foiling the possessive instinct through a veiling layer which abstracts, conceals and protects the woman beneath. 

Commenting on his upcoming solo show, Darian Mederos has said, "My new artworks celebrate the natural beauty of the female body. It fascinates me, and in these paintings, I explore this beauty in ways that will make people reflect on how they see women and inspire them to care about protecting the life of the woman in each canvas."

'God is a Woman' will run from 10 – 19 November in gallery and virtually via a secure link on HOFA’s homepage, preceded by an exclusive press preview on 9 November (10am – 6pm). Strict social distancing guidelines will be observed in compliance with government guidelines, and all viewings will be by appointment only. 

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11 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 6PY

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