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Joy of Spring by BLIC




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Thursday, 6 October 2022
Thursday, 6 October 2022 - 5:00pm

After his debut in Italy in 2020 at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, Blic returns with a brand new series, this time in London.

We are very proud to present  “Joy of Spring” by young Filipino street artist Blic, whose extremely original, expressive and compelling visual code is now home to DCG.  

Joy of Spring” is  one of the last exhibitions of our 2022 program, for which the chosen title is the “Angel Year”, symbol of the spirit that accompanied us in exploring our subconscious and gave us the strength to tackle the past challenging years. Hence, this particular exhibition by Blic is essential in guiding us through the last months before a new chapter in 2023. 

With his new series, the Artist focuses on the theme of Spring as a tool of Regeneration and Rebirth. Blic’s distinctive characters depicted as personified hands, interact with each other, giving birth to a visual dialogue of love and friendship, celebrating the flourishing of a human tale in relationship with nature.

By focusing on Initiation, Regeneration, Recovery and Revival, the Artist invites us in a deep reflection on the recurrent  chapters that unravel in a person's journey.

Similarly to  books that walked us through our childhood, Blic’s new body of work suggests to all curious minds different approaches towards life goals and a happy mindset, while unfolding the pages of his personal diary.

Taking inspiration from Botticelli’s iconic “Primavera”, Blic evokes a new beginning, a change and a resurrection, symbolized through the allegorical coming of Spring as the inevitable result of the sacred cycle of nature in its succession of all Seasons.

Tropical landscapes and scented flowers from the Artist everyday life become a new symbol  of Blic’s imagery as precious addition  to  his signature hand’s  iconography.

The uniqueness represented by the hands and their abilities resonates with the genuine living distinctive of the Philippines, magically opening windows on our walls able to transport us to South-Eastern Asian countries and connect us with cultures, individuals and communities.


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Born and based in the Philippines, BLIC (1985) is a self-taught young street artist with an extremely original, expressive and effective visual code.

His distinctive character, a personified human hand with a Smile Emoji that runs through the streets, has become popular in the Kawaii pop movement and the artist has been gaining international recognition and success among public and collectors.

After his very debut in Rome, Italy in 2020 with the group show House of the rising Light the artist unique style has been noticed by the major galleries in the contemporary figurative field and Blic’s works have been presented in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Portugal, United Kingdom and his paintings have been actioned by Philips and Sothebys since 2022.

The inspiration behind Blic’s works stem from his  personal story as up coming artist that express his statements on the city street walls, the unique way in some countries to get the attention of the contemporary art world.

The central theme of his art - hands as tool for universal communication - reflects his desire and determination to emerge and leave a mark spreading his voice across the globe. Blic’s powerful  symbology reaches the viewer like a tennis ball thrown by a little boy from across the ocean. BLIC is also a founding member of Cavity Collective, a local community for street artists based in Cavite whose murals fill the street with colors creativity and passion.

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