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Meet and Greet with Joe Sorren for his solo "Between the Wrinkles" at DCG in London




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Saturday, 9 March 2024
Saturday, 9 March 2024 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to present, for the first time at its London venue, the solo exhibition of Joe Sorren, one of the most emblematic artists of the new surrealism. An artist whose profound and distinctive poetics has guided and shaped the curatorial choice of our gallery, captivating us from the very first glance. 

Born in 1970 in Chicago and having lived between Flagstaff, Arizona, and New York, Sorren emerged as a prime mover in the early 2000s of an eclectic and transversal overseas Pop Surrealism. Acknowledged as an undisputed master of 'emotion lighting,' he swiftly became a leading figure in the avant-garde American cultural and artistic scene. After absorbing the influences of the great masters of art history during the last ten years spent between Florence and Barcelona, he returns to the USA.

With his new exhibition "Between the Wrinkles," Sorren presents a brand new collection that, through a narrative painting of tangible emotional weight, traverses the rooms of memory, unveiling in each work a hint of that unique story the artist holds closely within himself. 

Thus, it is precisely “Between the Wrinkles” that the artist searches for sweet and salty smiles, within whose folds hides the essence of the bygone moment.

The age of love appears as the protagonist, while it laughs and races away swiftly, leaving room for the contemplation of a serendipitously found afternoon, capable of moving gently like a flower among Sorren's dense brushstrokes that evoke the rustling of the wind. We seem to hear the sea waves singing in the darkness of a distant summer so remote that we are not even sure if we truly experienced it or merely dreamt it.

Sorren's palette is tinged with pasty light, melancholy, and colored drops with which the Artist, evoking the theme of memory, carves out a night illuminated by a constant search for that essence of life nestled between the light and shadow of our experience, that moment which crystallizes on our face as an indelible sign that we can simply call Poesia.

With mastery, genius, and a staggering naturalness, in a pictorial execution that is at once impressionistic and abstract, Sorren endows his characters with an intense expressiveness, stimulating within us a mysterious conceptual tension.

In Sorren's canvases, time becomes primordial, and we live an immersive experience, captivated by the forms and sudden spaces of light, while we ponder the sentimental dynamics unfolding before our eyes.

In this exploration, we let ourselves go as if reading a literary masterpiece that keeps us glued to the pages and carries us away to places of the soul that we will never forget and will revisit whenever we need.

In nine works, each more beautiful than the last, "Between the Wrinkles" gathers the oeuvre of the maturity of an artist with an intense life experience, in an exhibition journey that is a hymn to the beauty of life, an unforgettable exhibition that enchants us like a breath of snow and leaves us with a handful of star dust between our fingers.

The unveiling of the new works will take place on Saturday, March 9th, at 35 Connaught Street, W22AZ, with a cocktail reception exclusively for Collectors, Journalists, and guests of the Gallery. The exhibition will be open to the public from Tuesday, March 12th. To ensure a seamless visit without waiting, it is advisable to schedule an appointment.


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35 Connaught Street, 

W2 2AZ


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Meet and Greet with Joe Sorren for his solo "Between the Wrinkles" at DCG in London
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