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"Neon and Fire Vanitas" by Alex Face | Private View at DCG London




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Thursday, 25 May 2023
Thursday, 25 May 2023 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to announce the highly anticipated Magnum Solo Exhibition by Alex Face, entitled "Neon and Fire Vanitas."

Opening May 20 at DCG Rome and May 25 at the London venue, the "Neon and Fire Vanitas" exhibition brings to the stage the newest body of work by Alex Face, internationally acclaimed Thai street artist and painter who has been capturing the imagination of art enthusiasts for more than a decade.

Alex Face, who will be present at both openings, is known for his Street Art with a unique and distinctive style that blends the fresh and immediate vocabulary of graffiti, with a virtuoso painting technique, resulting in Art with indelible impact and elaborate content.

The new concept is built on the momentum of the iconic 2020 exhibition "Monument of Hope" and draws inspiration from the Still Life of the Dutch Golden Age, tracing, from its origin to the present day, its profound meaning and actualizing its symbolism and content, with a twist aimed at sensitizing us to the environmental emergency.

In the body of works in "Neon and Fire Vanitas," Alex Face projects the "Vanitas" of the 17th century into the modern era, infusing it with his unique perspective and personal artistic vision, rich with a refined and profound assimilation of European culture. 

Alex Face's Vanitas encapsulate and unveil a contemporary symbolism of the transience of life, which goes beyond the past beauty still capable of releasing its fragrance and reigning eternal over memory, but place before us the stark contrast between present beauty and the concern for the fate of the future beauty.

In a combination of painting techniques, Alex Face paints at once with the mastery of the great painters of art history as much as with that of the visual language of the most authentic contemporary. 

In his paintings, where oil paints, acrylics and spray cans find brilliant application, Alex Face depicts the frenzy of modern life in its continuous and swirling evolution.

Thus suffused thanks to the effect rendered by the spray cans and surrounded by the neon tags born of graffiti, Alex Face's dazzlingly beautiful flower bouquets emerge from the dark backdrops, and the table on which they rest is littered with symbols of a precious nature now on fire.

Natural elements such as seashells, bees and butterflies, once a symbol of mystery and fascination with nature, now burn and are at risk of becoming ashes.

Alex Face's fiery "Vanitas," to quote the artist, invite us to "contemplate the intersections of history modernity, and the bitter beauty of the Chaos that follows."

Alex Face's body of works thus embodies art as the protagonist of hope for humanity, making eternal the narrative and poetry of the fragile contemporary moment.

Inviting us to reflect on the importance of living a virtuous and meaningful existence, Alex Face guides us through an introspective and emotional reading of darkness, illuminating with the light of fire and neon the secrets and memories that surface one by one, coming together in a roundabout of synapses with evocative and cathartic power.

"Neon and Fire Vanitas" is a must-see exhibition that challenges us to consider the complex relationship between past and present, life and death, chaos and order.

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35 Connaught Street, W2 2AZ, London 

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