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No Time Like the Present

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Saturday, 25 September 2021 to Monday, 18 October 2021

'No Time Like the Present' – at Hampstead Garden Gallery 25th Sept - 10th Oct 2021

New paintings by Sal Jones produced during 2020-2021, whilst in and out of lockdown.

The exhibition features many recognisable subjects from film and drama series in particular Bond and Bond women, in a timely exhibition, coinciding with the postponed release of the much anticipated new Bond film – No Time To Die.

Gestural mark making, textures and saturated colours of Sal's oil paintings animate the subjects, whilst the titles (sometimes appearing in the paintings) quite literally speak to us; engaging us in a sort of conspiratorial conversation. Whether you recognise the subjects or not you are drawn into their world as they demand your attention. Poignant and playful the works can be seen as a comment or observation on life, love and emotional empathy.

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Sal Jones is a British artist best known for her emotionally-charged, vibrant and textured oil paintings portraying subjects sourced from film and popular culture. She presents these as familiar strangers that engage the viewer on a personal level, creating intimate conversations with the use of quoted dialogue and titles.

Sal has a BA Hons in Fine Art and a PGCE in Art & Design, and has exhibited extensively in London and the UK in solo and selected group shows, including recent annual open exhibitions with ING-Discerning Eye, Society of Women Artists, Bath Society of Artists , The ArtCan Open and Feren's Open. She has works in private collections internationally, she lives and works in London.

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46 Falloden Way, London NW11 6JP

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No Time Like the Present
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