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p- ool- s o-f t- he ou- t- l- ine- s

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Wednesday, 12 May 2021 to Friday, 30 July 2021

Anna Barham:
p-  ool-   s  o-f   t-  he  ou- t- l- ine-  s

Chelsea Space Window
Viewable from: Wednesday 12 May - Friday 30 July, 2021

Access via the Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Arts

In line with current restrictions there will be no launch for this project, it will be externally viewable (onsite) as well as online. Details will follow for an event to launch the accompanying publication. 

In response to the ongoing restrictions faced by galleries to present visual arts in safe circumstances we are focusing our attention outwards from the gallery with a series of commissions for the window at Chelsea Space. The first is from Anna Barham, comprising text and objects that flow across the internal and external aspects of Chelsea Space's architecture.

p-  ool-   s  o-f   t-  he  ou- t- l- ine-  s incorporates a score titled Knives (2017), collaboratively produced by Barham through computer and human reading processes.The score contains over a hundred versions of a short passage from Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, by the Brazilian Czech-born philosopher, writer and journalist, Vilém Flusser. The book presents a speculative investigation of the vampire squid to consider human and non-human life and in the passage Barham has extracted, Flusser uses the knife as a metaphor to describe how human reason cuts through the world. 

At Chelsea Space, the score is presented as posters, pasted onto the glass from the inside, trapping objects between the text and the glass which — together with vinyl images applied on the outside of the window — distort, annotate and punctuate the words.


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Anna Barham is an artist working between text, live events, video and installation. Her work considers the transformation of sense as language is translated between different material forms, technologies and bodies. She questions how authorship is distributed and what subjectivities are formed through these processes. 

Recent projects include To be we to be, Index, Stockholm and Quote-Unquote, Bucharest; Liquid Crystal Display, Site Gallery, Sheffield and MIMA, Middlesbrough; A sentence can be ours and ours, Playground Festival, Museum M, Leuven, BE; This is a voice, Wellcome Collection, London and MAAS, Sydney; Secret Surface, K-W, Berlin. She has published two books Poisonous Oysters (2019) and Return To Leptis Magna (2010).

For more on Anna Barham, please go to: www.annabarham.net/ 

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Chelsea Space

Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU

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