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Under Their Skin




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Saturday, 2 September 2023 to Sunday, 15 October 2023

An exhibition by a group of 26 painters brought together through the Turps Correspondence Course, showing recent work in three, two-week shows.

The painting is not on a surface, but on a plane which is imagined. It moves in a mind. It is not there physically at all. It is an illusion, a piece of magic, so that what you see is not what you see.

Philip Guston

What lies beneath the skin of an artwork ... what makes an artwork get under OUR skin? As its definition as a protective barrier, the skin both holds in and holds away; a permeable container that supports layers of life. The surface of an artwork can reveal or bely the journey of its making, the artist can choose how much or how little to share. What goes on beneath; the gestation of ideas and the physical and mental toil of making the work are what bind us. The life of the works in this exhibition lie as much in the viewers perception of them as it does in the minds of the artists who created them. As a collective we ask our audience to observe, reflect and allow the works under THEIR skin. What will they allow to sink in and what does that reveal to them about themselves ? We welcome the conversation.

Three consecutive exhibitions. 

Open Wed to Sunday 12 - 5pm Late Opening Thursday till 7pm.

Participating Artists:

2/09 - 15/09

Sarah Praill, Samantha Fellows, Carrie Stanley, Kirsty Robson, Emma O’Rourke, Simon Klein, Joy C Martindale, Daniella Norton

18/09 - 01/10

Bone-Waller, Penny Green, Rae Birch Carter, Jennifer Blake, Kim Scouller, Chloe S Moncrieff, Emma Withers, Gabrielle Eber

04/10 - 15/10

Hermione Carline, Lucy Cade, Kathleen Dawson, Jane Merriman, Arabella Ross, Celine Llewellyn-Jones, Laura L Bell, Helen Baines, Matthew Swift


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1 Paved Court

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Under Their Skin
09/02/2023 to 10/15/2023

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