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Friday, 16 July 2021 to Sunday, 1 August 2021

'Inside' is My Dog Sighs’ most ambitious project to date, transforming a derelict ballroom into an immersive world inhabited by the artist’s own creatures, dubbed his ‘Quiet Little Voices’.

Like us, these creatures are not perfect nor are their lives perfect. They struggle, they make mistakes, they fail. But like us too, they don’t give up. Even among the decay they use their creativity to find hope – a powerful message in these turbulent times.

Street artists are often perceived as ghosts, with only the results of their endeavours visible to the world.  My Dog Sighs takes these creatures, that started life as scribbled doodles in the margins of his sketchbooks and uses them to represent different facets of his life. Replacing himself with these beings as a representation of his inner ‘Quiet Little Voices’, they embody a range of emotions from playful to melancholic. 

For the first time, My Dog Sighs moves into sculpture, fusing his visual language with light and sound installations, alongside the photorealistic paintings and naive characters that define his practice. No longer is the artist the creator, but his creations take on the mantle of ‘My Dog Sighs’ and as viewers we are welcomed ‘Inside’ the world of these ghosts.

The anthropomorphic creatures have been given free rein to take over the multi-storey space, finding shelter and creating their own language amongst the dimly lit corners. Inside responds to the building itself and finds beauty amongst its dilapidated floors and crumbling walls. The project extends My Dog Sighs’ street art practice where he uncovers the beauty of these forgotten spaces and demonstrates the power of creativity to inspire and uplift communities. 

The artist has worked closely with both sound experts from Portsmouth University and a renowned creative lighting company to create a unique and immersive street art experience.

Visitors will be welcomed into the space by trained stewards who can provide insight into the themes explored in Inside. My Dog Sighs will also be leading specialist tours for artists during the exhibition to talk more about his life as a street artist working on both sanctioned and unsanctioned projects.

Alongside the installation, My Dog Sighs will be releasing a feature length documentary and book about the project, as well as an educational pack designed to be used by teachers and students around the world. Taking inspiration from Inside, the pack provides young people with the creative tools needed to find hope in difficult situations and shows how they can use art to empower their local communities. 

Tickets are available at My Dog Sighs’ website 


Artist ( Description ): 

My Dog Sighs (MDS) is a contemporary urban artist whose style is characterised by the combination of melancholic and often naive portraiture with the use of found materials including abandoned food cans. He is known for painting eyes with an image within the pupil that reflects the narratives of the human condition.

MDS is recognised as one of the world’s leading street artists. His commissions include Wynwood Walls, Miami; Amsterdam Street Art Museum; Digital Vision, Shenzhen, China; Coventry Transport Museum; Discerning Eye, London; and is included in private collections including that of Matt Damon. He has painted and often headlined at global street art festivals. He is on the syllabus for some Mexican schools and is an exam paper subject for a Swedish exam board.  MDS has been a guest on Radio 4’s Saturday Live, the BBC’s Culture Show and has been featured in The Times, The Guardian, Huffpost and Widewalls; and is regularly featured in global street art media “best murals” articles.

Venue ( Address ): 

18 Osborne Road, Portsmouth, PO5 3LT

Circe PR , London

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