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Draw to Perform3 – London’s festival of live drawing performance

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Saturday, 30 July 2016 to Sunday, 31 July 2016
Saturday, 30 July 2016 -
10:00am to 10:00pm
Ram Samocha, TOPing, 2015, photo by Marco Berardi

DRAW TO PERFORM3 - a two day international festival of live drawing performance features artists from the UK and around the world at Draw to Perform’s third annual symposium on Saturday & Sunday, 30-31 July 10am-10pm at the Crows Nest Gallery, near Portobello Market, London.


Draw to Perform is an international community for drawing performance, which is a stream of performance art in which artists create their artwork in front of a live audience. This stirring art form combines drawing, theatre, dance, and music into a vibrant and dynamic act. 


Day One (Sat, 30 July 10am-10pm) features multiple short and long live performances, running simultaneously over 12 hours in four spaces of the gallery. This time the focus will be on COLLABORATIONS (between two or more artists, between artists and the viewers or between different art disciplines). The audience will be free to drop in throughout the day, walk around the different acts, observe and participate in some. Throughout the day there will also be lectures, video screening, and a discussion panel with participating artists.


Day Two (Sun, 31 July 10am-10pm) includes bookable workshops provided by international and local artists. The workshops provide the opportunity to experience the art form first hand, work with and be tutored by some of the leading artists in their field. There's no experience required to join the workshops and all abilities are welcomed.

Artist ( Description ): 

DAY1 - Live Performances: Saturday, 30th July 2016, 10am-10pm.

Live drawing performances by Jonathan Polkest (UK), Ludo Pujol (France/UK), Kimvi Nguyen (Vietnam/UK), Jemma Dicken (UK), Hanna ten Doornkaat (Germany/UK), Nava Massas Waxman (Israel/Canada), Marcus Crandon (UK), Bruno Casanova (Portugal/UK), Ram Samocha (Israel/UK), Vera Martin (Brazil), Robert Luzar (Slovenia/Canada), Bettina Fung (Hong Kong/UK), Saranjit Birdi (UK), Francisco Fernando Granados (Guatemala /Canada), Greig Burgoyne (UK), Lezli Rubin-Kunda (Canada/Israel), Emma Vilina Fält (Finland), Cinzia Delnevo (Italy/UK),Brooke Carlson (Australia), Hitomi Kammai (Japan/UK), Jaanika Peerna (Estonia/USA), Marega Palser (UK), Agnieszka Karasch (Poland), and more.


DAY2 - Day of workshops: Sunday, 31th July 2016, 10am-10pm.

Drawing performance workshops by Ram Samocha (Israel/UK), Vera Martin (Brazil), Saranjit Birdi (UK), Lezli Rubin-Kunda (Canada/Israel), Greig Burgoyne (UK), Emma Vilina Fält (Finland), and more.


Video screening by Elma Riza, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Neil Curtis, Kimbal Bumstead, Nicole Collins, Gerald Royston Curtis & Ram Samocha, Jonathan Van Dyke, Ilya Noe & Vanessa Enriquez, Jasmin Schaitl & William "Bilwa" Costa, Sheila Ivey, Jeroen Uyttendaele & Dewi de Vree, Giuliano Guatta, Elena Cologni, and more.

Other Info: 

Tickets: The event is open to the public and tickets can be bought from www.drawtoperform.com

Venue ( Address ): 

Crows Nest Gallery: 3-5 Crowthorne Road, London, W10 6RP

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