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Mastering Instagram Reels: Exclusive Online Workshop




Friday, 22 November 2024

Join us on Friday, 22nd of November, at 1pm GMT for an empowering session hosted by renowned artist Karen Turner, winner of the prestigious VAA Professional Artist Award and the Dubel Emerging Artist Prize.


In this workshop, limited to a maximum group size of 15 participants, you'll gain insider knowledge and practical techniques to effectively utilise Instagram Reels to showcase your artwork, engage your audience, and expand your reach. This trouble-shooting session is designed to address your specific marketing challenges and help you unlock the full potential of Instagram Reels.


Level: Beginners to Intermediate


Ticket Information:


- Visual Artists Association (VAA) members:


Price: £25


- Non-members:


Price: £35


Learning Outcomes:


By the end of the workshop, you will:


- Obtain a comprehensive understanding of Instagram Reels and its impact on artist marketing.


- Learn how to create visually stunning and engaging content for your Instagram Reels.


- Discover techniques to optimise your Reels for maximum visibility and increased audience reach.


- Gain insights on how to effectively leverage Instagram Reels to promote and sell your artwork.


- Receive troubleshooting tips and strategies to overcome common marketing challenges faced by artists on Instagram.


- Acquire knowledge on utilising storytelling techniques to captivate and connect with your audience.


- Explore strategies to incorporate branding and personality into your Instagram Reels to strengthen your artist brand.


- Connect with fellow artists and network with like-minded individuals on a similar journey.


All attendees will receive an Instagram Reels Guide. Secure your spot today and embark on a journey to How to Make Instagram Reels for Artists!



Note: After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with further details and instructions on how to join the workshop session.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Organiser: Visual Artists Association


Host: Karen Turner, Award-Winning Artist and VAA Professional Artist Award 2022 Winner

Venue ( Address ): 


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