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Shimmering Zen: Visions of Vegas




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Friday, 21 September 2018 to Saturday, 8 December 2018

“See where wonderment takes you. We are the universe’s way of knowing itself” – James Stanford

Contemporary artist James Stanford presents a new exhibition featuring kaleidoscopic photomontages of vintage LasVegas landmarks and its infamous neon signs.

Heavily influenced by his native LasVegas, Stanford is an innovative artist who revisits the vibrant energy of 1960s Vegas. In a new exhibition entitled Shimmering Zen, he will exhibit a range of intricate digital collages of original photographs that capture the city’s iconic aesthetic, its neon signs in particular. Drawing on his expertise as painter, photographer, professor of colour theory and pioneering advocate of new technologies in digital art, Stanford layers photographs to create and discover patterns in familiar yet completely revitalised images. Bold colours and intricate patterns create mesmerising designs.

Using a mix of traditional photography and digital techniques, Stanford’s works are made unique and compelling by vividly illuminated and moving networks and layers. Some of his works will be printed as backlit lenticulars, taking on a new and shimmering life.

Of his work, Stanford comments,
“When you open up your mind, you become so full of this one vision, everything becomes pure energy, pure light.

So, that’s what it is: that’s Shimmering Zen”

Shimmering Zen reflects Stanford’s continued interest in transforming reality into imagined realms.As an artist,he is concerned with the development of a visual expression of spirituality. Drawing on the ancient traditions of Buddhism, he conceives of his digital montages as “modern mandalas” – maps towards inner zen. His work responds to the potency of the mandala as a symbol and its influence and importance to cultures worldwide.

Shimmering Zen features works created over the last 20 years. For this exhibition, Stanford will incorporate new works inspired by his recent visit to London.These include a large scale triptych (96’’ X 192’’) printed on metal and composed of three mirrored montages featuring Buckingham Palace, entitled Troica. Another new piece in the show will be a circular (48’’) collage created from a photograph of a London parking garage and entitledArchitectura Circulo.

Artist ( Description ): 

James Stanford studied painting at the University of Washington (UW) (MFA) and the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) (BFA) and also practices photography, digital illustration and drawing. Dedicated to creativity and the fine arts, he has taught at UNLV and UW, established the Smallworks Gallery, and curated exhibitions at various venues, including the LasVegas Contemporary Arts Centre. Stanford also served as the Arts Commission Chairman of the City of LasVegas and later President of the LasVegas Contemporary Arts Collective (renamed LasVegas Contemporary Arts Centre). He currently lives and works in LasVegas.

+44 (0) 207 812 0645
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9600 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas
NV 89117

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