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Mechanics & Mapping




Sophie Dvořák, Signaturen #3, 2011, Serigraph, Edition 10/+1 AP, 34 x 27.5 in.

Darger HQ proudly presents Mechanics & Mapping, new work by Sophie Dvořák (Austria) and Stefan F. De Beer (Netherlands). Both artists use scientific approaches to the creation of their work.  In his sculptures, De Beer examines the mechanics of technology and machines while Dvořák reduces and decontextualizes forms in her cartographic images.  Concurrently, Anthony Hawley will be creating a new immersive installation for the Local Artist Gallery.

We are excited to announce that Dvořák received a project grant from The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria to travel to Lincoln for the exhibition.  

Sophie Dvořák will be creating an on-site installation and displaying part of her Signaturen series.  Dvořák uses map imagery from newspapers and magazines as a starting point and from these she creates a conceptual analysis of how picture and language convey information from the media.  She operates between revealing and hiding political power structures, their technical means for representation, and the opposing appropriations of didactic models.  Dvořák currently resides in Vienna, she studied at the Glasgow School of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, where she graduated in 2008.  She has exhibited internationally and has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards throughout Europe.  This will be her first exhibition in the United States. 

Stefan F. De Beer creates sculptures that originate from a fascination for technology and machines and their impact on society and our lives. He repurposes mass produced materials and products that make our modern lives possible.  A former racecar designer, De Beer returned to the Academy of the Arts in 2007 to focus completely on art and architecture.  De Beer has shown his large-scale sculptures and installations at the Sculpture Center in NY, the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in NY, STRP Art & Technology in Eindhoven and Boscotondo Hall of Modern Art, Gemeentemuseum Holland.  De Beer lives and works in Breda, Netherlands. 

Anthony Hawley will be creating a new immersive installation for the Local Artist Gallery.  Hawley’s multi-media installations possess a sophisticated playfulness, often employing narrative.  Hawley grew up in Massachusetts and was educated at Columbia University and the MFA Art Practice Program at the School of Visual Arts. He has been the recipient of residencies and awards from the Hermitage Artist Retreat, the MacDowell Colony, Art Farm, VCCA, and Arte Studio Ginistrelle (Italy). Recent solo exhibitions include Vox Populi, Philadelphia (2014); Dolphin Gallery, Kansas City (2012); and the Museum of Nebraska Art (2012).  Currently, he teaches at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

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Sophie Dvořák, Stefan F. De Beer, Anthony Hawley

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Darger HQ

Parrish Studios, 1410 O Street, Suite 1

Open Thursday & Friday 12-8pm and Saturday 12-6pm

or by appointment 402-209-5554

Darger HQ , Omaha

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