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The Ellsworth Collection




Friday, 10 February 2023 to Friday, 24 March 2023
Friday, 10 February 2023 - 6:00pm

About The Ellsworth Collection

Art Share L.A. is honored to present The Ellsworth Collection in memory of Arts District historian and Art Share L.A.’s longtime Ambassador, Terry Ellsworth.

The Ellsworth Collection includes works from Shepard Fairey, Emmeric Konrad, and Becca, among other prominent Los Angeles artists, as well as ephemera from the Downtown Los Angeles arts community’s evolution. His collection tells the region’s story, including the pioneering of the Arts District; the artist community that surrounded him; and his role in Art Share L.A.’s emergence.

Visitors can view The Ellsworth Collection in Art Share L.A.'s Main Gallery -- a space where Terry cultivated and mentored our community of artists, curators, and creatives.


About Terry Ellsworth

Terry Ellsworth was a prominent figure in the downtown art community and – for more than a decade – an incomparable Art Share L.A. team member. He saw what the building could become during the Arts District’s revitalization and infused decades of his art experience into the evolution of Art Share L.A. His affability and his commitment to accessible, community-based art anchored the organization through its biggest transitions. As Art Share L.A.’s Ambassador, Terry would often install art shows and walk the building’s hallways sharing stories. He was a magnetic storyteller who held friends’ and patrons’ ears at each event with equal parts history and humor. Terry enriched our lives. We hold fast to his memory and spirit, which live on within our galleries and throughout the Arts District.


About Art Share L.A.


Art Share L.A. creates equitable access and opportunity for emerging artists by providing a creative environment for them to live, work, develop, perform, and exhibit. The mission of Art Share L.A. is to create equitable access to and inclusive opportunities for every artist in the Los Angeles community. We work to eliminate the complex systems of privilege and power embedded in the art world which limit many Black, Indigenous, People of Color, disabled, LGBTQ+, low-income, and other historically marginalized communities from finding success in the creative economy.

HOUSING: Providing 30 affordable lofts relieves working artists of their fear of displacement as they develop their craft into a marketable enterprise.

CREATIVE ECONOMY: Connecting artists to paid opportunities, from selling their visual artwork to public art commissions.

ART SHARING: Providing our 30,000 sq. ft building as a platform for artists to share their work from visual art exhibitions to showcasing performances, we are here to help an artist’s voice be heard.

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