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Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland by Attila Ataner



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Saturday, 1 June 2024 to Sunday, 30 June 2024

All About Photo is pleased to present ‘Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland’ by Attila Ataner

Part of the exclusive online showroom developed by All About Photo, this exhibition is on view for the month of June 2024 and includes thirteen photographs from the series ‘Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland’

Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland

I visited Iceland over the course of August and September of 2006, at a pivotal time in my life. My memories of this enchanted place are bound up with its landscapes. Iceland consists of many incredible vistas … vast open spaces, open skies, mountains, streams and ponds, barren black rocks, volcanic sands, mossy stones, crashing ocean waves … soft misty light on some days, harsh sunny contrasts on others. All of these have now melded together in me. Everything I remember and feel about Iceland is now refracted through time and distance. As such, I reimagined and re-edited the photos from my trip in ways that now feel more authentic. These images embody my memories; this is how Iceland sits in my mind and heart today. Remarkably, I still return to Iceland in my dreams, and this is how I see things, more or less, as I dream.

In order to make these final images, I paired and grafted together various sets of photos from my trip. I also re-framed them in a 1:2 aspect ratio, in keeping with traditional Asian scroll paintings … an aspect ratio that is meant to emphasize the conjointment of Earth and Sky.

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Attila Ataner is a Toronto-based portrait and fine-art photographer. He is available for commissions and commercial assignments. Attila’s photographic art often explores themes that are parallel to his academic work on environmental philosophy.

Attila’s background is Turkish-Bulgarian; he was born in Svishtov, a small town on the Bulgarian shore of the Danube River. During the 80s, he lived in North Africa, in Tripoli, Libya, where his parents worked as ex-pats. He migrated to Canada later in life, as a teenager. Attila is a lifelong lover, practitioner and occasional teacher of photography. Attila is a graduate of McGill University (BA), McMaster University (MA), and the University of Toronto Faculty of Law (JD). He is a recipient of numerous prestigious scholarships and grants, as well as a published author in various academic journals. He practiced law for a number of years, and later returned to school to do graduate-level work. In addition to his photographic work, he is also a part-time Ph.D. student in philosophy, working on environmental ethics and law, ecological philosophy and the thought of early-modern German philosophers, namely Kant and Hegel. Attila lives in Toronto with his wife and two young children.

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All About Photo , San Diego

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