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Time Lapse



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Friday, 2 November 2018 to Wednesday, 14 November 2018

CAMA Gallery of Iranian art presents an exhibition of photographs by prestigious Iranian film directors. After enormous success in both London and Tehran, the exhibition will travel to the USA in November, to be shown at The Container Yard in Downtown Los Angeles.

Time Lapse features the work of Cannes Film Festival award-winning directors Jafar Panahi and Abbas Kiarostami, Cannes Film festival award nominee Nasser Taghvai, award-winning documentary maker Kamran Shirdel, San Sebastian International Film Festival award-winning director Majid Barzegar, World Press Photo award-winning Cinematographer Seifollah Samadian and celebrated actor and Cairo film festival award-winning director Hamid Jebeli. For the third and final leg of Time Lapse, the LA exhibition will also present the photography of the much adored and respected Iranian actor and activist Reza Kianian.

Time Lapse celebrates Iranian cinema and its international reach, and simultaneously demonstrates the talent of the directors, stretching beyond dynamic filmmaking to the creation of fine art. 25 incredible thought-provoking photographs reflect the emotions of human perseverance through time.

The exhibition will open with a private view on Friday November 2nd, 2018, from 8pm. The exhibition will open in tandem with the launch of the CAMA foundation with Art Beyond The Canvas - A collaboration by CalEarth, Eco Domes Africa, Intsikelelo and CAMA Gallery which puts into action the philosophy of Iranian architect and humanitarian Nader Khalili through an immersive technological experience.

CAMA Gallery aims to be a leading force in the growth and expansion of the art industry in Iran and the Middle East. CAMA aims to provide a politically neutral platform on which to showcase the wealth of artistic talent in Iran. CAMA presents all genres of Modern and Contemporary Iranian art in international exhibitions and online, and offers Iranian artists exposure and global recognition. CAMA Gallery has three galleries in Iran, a gallery in London, and has plans to open a permanent space in Los Angeles.

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The Container Yard 800 East 4th Street Los Angeles, CA, 90013
United States

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