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3 Letterpress Printers Walk into a Shed



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Thursday, 6 January 2022 to Sunday, 6 March 2022
Saturday, 8 January 2022 - 5:00pm

Partners Gallery presents an exhibit of three guest artists taking place at their gallery in the historic Beacon Building in Mendocino in January and February 2022. The books, broadsides, and job work on display of these letterpress artists reside in the realm of book arts—a genre that encompasses all things BOOK. Each artist explores a different approach to letterpress*, a medium born in the 1450s and in danger of extinction when these artists entered the field almost 50 years ago.

Felicia Rice’s collaborative artists’ books, Theresa Whitehill’s letterpress poetry broadsides, and Zida Borcich’s commercial job work embody a love of craft, a dedication to art, and a passion for communicating. As renegades, their work reflects perspectives on the radical technical, cultural, and political shifts of the 20th and 21st centuries.

About this Collaboration Between Three Letterpress Artists: Felicia Rice lost her home, her entire life’s work (over 40 years of fine press publishing), and all of her irreplaceable letterpress equipment in the Santa Cruz Mountain fires in 2020. When Felicia relocated to the Rice family home in Mendocino, in which she planned to resume printing in a tiny shed on the property, Theresa Whitehill and Zida Borcich showed up to welcome Felicia back to the community, celebrate her work, mourn her loss, and support her literal rising from the ashes. These three women are all connected to each other through the art of letterpress. This is an exhibit in triptych about an art form, about resilience, about love of a rare craft, about climate change and sorrow and friendship and beauty and stamina.

Show dates: January 6–March 6, 2022
Second Saturday Receptions:
- Saturday, January 8, 5–7 pm: Meet the Artists
- Saturday, February 12, 4:30–5 pm: Talk by Peter Koch, CODEX Foundation, Saturday, February 12, 5–7 pm: Meet the Artists

*A Definition of Letterpress: A form of relief printing that traditionally uses hand-set or machine-set metal type. Images are also printed from raised surfaces, such as linoleum and wood blocks, or wood and metal plates. The raised surfaces are inked and then pressed into the paper, resulting in a palpable three-dimensional texture in the sheet.

Open Hours: Thursday through Monday, 11 am to 5 pm

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Felicia Rice set Moving Parts Press in motion in 1977. Her limited-edition artists books feature collaborations with visual and performing artists, writers, and philosophers, focusing for over 30 years on Chicana/o/x artists and writers. Work from the Press has been included in exhibitions from Mexico City to New York. Her books are held in library and museum collections worldwide and she has been the recipient of many awards and grants from the NEA to the French Ministry of Culture.

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Theresa Whitehill: I am a California poet and letterpress artist and have worked in the letterpress poetry broadside form since my years studying book art at Mills College in the early 1980s. The broadside has a historical origin as a political manifesto, a “broadside” in the nautical sense of firing all of a ship’s cannons directly at a target. It is also a medium that presents a poem in a format that one lives with as one lives with a painting or drawing. It becomes part of daily life, a part of a home’s intimate touchstones.

Zida Borcich: I fell in love with letterpress printing during my apprenticeship with master printer Al Moise. It set me up for a lifetime as a letterpress artist with businesses that have gone on for over forty years, including publishing a local magazine. After Al died, I bought a derelict print shop and moved the equipment to Franklin Street in Fort Bragg, California to open my first shop, Zida Borcich Letterpress, in 1984. I eventually added a card line, Studio Z Mendocino, and produced hundreds of thousands of printed works.

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45062 Ukiah St.

Mendocino, Ca 95460

Partners Gallery , Mendocino, CA

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