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the 12 | 12 Project



Tuesday, 1 December 2015 to Sunday, 28 February 2016
De Seguin, J + 78 - 2015, Oil on Canvas

Visio Dell’Arte Gallery presents The 12|12 Project, a unique twelve week rotating group exhibition beginning Wednesday, December 2, 2015. The exhibit will showcase the newest masterpieces created by Visio Dell’Arte’s 12 exclusive artists. Every week, the exhibit’s focus will change, highlighting a different artist and their work for one week.


Artist ( Description ): 

We are pleased to present four new paintings from Russian artist Rasikh Akhmetvaliev. These new paintings question the relationship between the surface plane and the surface depth, between the abstract and the figurative.

The 12 | 12 Project will feature artwork from Max Laniado’s most recent discovery, French artist Bonus. This exhibit marks the first time his highly anticipated paintings will be exhibited in the United States. As one of the most recognized street artists in France, Bonus has used his experience on urban media and applied it to the canvas. He mixes techniques using bold colorful paints, sprays, markers, and inks bringing an abstract touch to his compositions. Bonus expresses his feelings and his personal life experience through paintings where the universe of the street, his past, his dreams and his passions intermingle.

American artist, Jeff Bortniker, provides viewers with a combination of experiences. Whether filled with color or monochromatic schemes, viewers will often want to run their hands over his paintings to have a combined visual and tactile experience.

The newest collection of paintings from Russian artist Anatoly Burykin is sensational. Burykin expresses a philosophical and metaphysical vision where reality is revealed trough a subconscious imagination. This message is presented through marvelous colors, mysterious transparencies and symbolism which is engraved in the paintings.

From Chinese origin, French artist Kaloon Chhour, is the revelation of the Poetic Abstraction movement, part of the Lyric Abstraction. He brings an innovating creativity that combines Impressionist and Asian influences, the meditation on feelings and the choreography of painting, which are expressed in his harmonious artworks, exuding emotion and beauty. Chhour has been credited by European press as a potential successor of Zao Wou-ki and Chu Teh-Chun.

French artist Cosmina unveils her latest collection, Mysteries of the Wind. International experts consider Cosmina’s style as unclassifiable. This led to the creation of a new movement, Atmospheric Abstraction. Cosmina has developed an approach that she calls ‘controlled serendipitous paint

ing’. Credited for her unique style, her stunning paintings are sought after by collectors throughout the world.

For American Artist Nicolae Ene, painting is an epistemic journey, merely a method of meditative focus. Respecting space, color, and value, Ene creates a series of progressive layers of finely tuned balances that aims to understand the notions concerning the complex interplay of our presence as beings of thought in a multidimensional reality. To render such unique artistic vision, he uses a technical pen creating very intricate compositions.

Weaving black threads over the canvas, French artist Anik Legoupil creates a net over her compositions inviting the viewer’s eye to travel through the weft to uncover the underlying painting. In this collection, The Abyss is the Window; Legoupil frames her paintings with thick stripped black wood acting as the frames of our mind.

Both artist and craftsman, Italian artist Vanessa Longo dresses her paintings of female figures in copper plates nailed on wood panels. The final composition reveals the female figure like goddesses of war. Longo is inspired by animals and monsters from the fantastic realm, often from medieval bestiaries.

French sculptor Helene Modébadzé uses the direct carving technique when creating her wooden expressionist sculptures. It is a longer journey, a trip during which an intense connection is created with the wood making it exude with emotion, sensuality and beauty.

Reflecting on freedom of expression, French artist Gaëtan de Seguin has adapted a more figurative approach after spending many years creating abstract paintings. Using a muted color pallet, characters interact as much as they ignore each other resulting in one of a kind masterpieces.

French artist Olivier Valli has carried inspiration from the paintings of the Lascaux cave into a visionary concept to the 21st century. For the artist, drawing is the representation of his paths of thought, not merely a translation of a particular feeling or emotion. Through constant scrapings, sanding and pastings of torn papers, Valli creates paintings that take on a life of their own.

With a surrealist approach, Franco-Romanian artist Petre Velicu transcends art and its codes to paintings that would be the visual rebound of a prolific imagination. His labyrinth-like compositions unfold rocco-surrealstic pictures which are multicolored, tormented and where a capricious universe is equaled only to the rebellious and tumultuous fantasies of their author.

Venue ( Address ): 

Visio Dell'Arte Gallery

522 West 23rd Street

New York, NY 10011

Tel. + 1 (212) 796 5313



Tues, Wed., Fri., Sat.: 10:30 am. - 6:30 pm

Thursday: 10:30 am - 8:00 pm

Sunday: 1:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Monday by appointment

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