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Saturday, 27 March 2021
Saturday, 27 March 2021 - 5:00pm

Online Opening – New Paintings by Brooke McGowen

Saturday, March 27     5-6pm California    8-9pm New York

The Little Raven Gallery    1015 Howard St.  San Francisco

The paintings in this show were done since McGowen moved to a wilderness area of Northern California in 2018.

Majestic mountains and tenacious pines dominate the landscapes in McGowen’s signature flowing style. Figures appear vaguely discernible as elements of nature, equivalent to trees or clouds.

“The Rooster” series, completed in 2020, is a take on the comical pride of a rooster and his adventures with various other rather indeterminate entities.

A special highlight of the show will be a number of black light paintings, created during Covid quarantine. One series reflects the artist’s focus on yoga, the second series riffs off a small figure hugging a large head.

Online Opening is a new concept which allows for wide participation using online platforms. Open to the public, it offers the gallery experience without leaving home. The artist and the gallerist will provide a lively presentation of the paintings. People can comment and ask questions during the live stream.e a lively presentation of the paintings. People can comment and ask questions during the live stream.

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Brooke McGowen is an artist living in Northern California. She paints by squirting the paint directly out of the bottle onto the canvas. The intended figur is subjected to the ravages of chance,

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1015 Howard St.

San Franciso, CA

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