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Shades of Purple 2021 | Award Exhibition

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Monday, 28 June 2021 to Thursday, 30 September 2021


The artwork for this exhibition was selected by Jury from Camelback Gallery's Shades of Purple 2021 International Juried Painting Competition. The selection of artwork was chosen based on the number of entries, technical skill, originality, quality of work and the criteria for this event. Artists represented in this show are from the countries, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Hong Kong, Russia, Greece, Finland and Ireland. Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award winners. 

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Best in Show Platinum Award
Anatoliy Tarasiuk

Gold Award of Excellence
Elle McCarthy

Silver Awards
Gina T. Judy, Elaine Henderson, Andres Gonzalez Diaz, Oresta Kinash, Yulya Dyachenko, Beverly Carlson-Bradshaw, Merritt Richardson, Sandra Tracey, Katie Stearns, Linda McCord, Robert Davidson, Michelle Woitzel

Bronze Awards
Andreas Spiliotopoulos, Angela Otts, Anna Lau, Anna Lucile, Barbi Thomer Niblick, Brenna Seines, Elstabo, Erna Balayan, Granny C, Holger Baehr, Huouoz, Jane Rondeau,  Jaroslaw Lukasik, Jess Curran, Ji Young Yoon, Jimmy Gockel, Joseph Baxter, Karen M. Holgerson, Kelley Batson Howard, Lisa Freeman-Wood, Lynda Susan Sauls, Michael Goettner, Sarah Strunk, Michelle Reeves, Natalia Khlivnenko, Pamela Castillo, Penny Soto, Ronna A. Pate, Susan Verekar, Susanna Tillander, Whitney Flanter, V Pham, Derek Wilkinson, Erika Louise Richards

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Online Exhibition

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