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Abstract Art Awards!

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Monday, 24 January 2022 to Sunday, 24 April 2022

The artwork for this exhibition was selected by Jury from Camelback Gallery's Abstracts with Red 2022 International Juried Painting Competition.  Three jurors selected and voted on the artwork based on the number of entries, originality, quality of work and technical skill.  Artists represented in this show are from the USA, Australia, Canada, Poland, Russia, Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Croatia, Ukraine and Hungary. Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award recipients.

Best in Show, Award of Excellence, Silver Awards and Bronze Awards.
Best in Show receives $100 cash award, main page slider promotion at CB, published artwork at TopArtAwards.com, news story at Art Base, digital art registration at Art Chain and entry into CB’s Artwork of the Year Award. Award of Excellence receives $50.00 cash award.  Other awards include Top 14 Award Video and all award recipients receive 3-month online group exhibition of their work, social media exposure, Art Week and Art Base exhibition publication, e-blast announcement and official award certificate.

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Best in Show Platinum Award
Mariclair Plante

Gold Award of Excellence
JoAna Rudek

Silver Awards
Zhengwei Li, Mark Vogel, Susan Card, Peter Tan, N. Prima, Genevie Henderson, Liz Ruest, Micki Brown, Bill R Nagel, Dave Manousos, Nancy Thomas, Jim Whaley

Bronze Awards
Susan Card, Vivian Firger, Sher Dunshee-Menton, Timothy Horn, Susan Foley, Stella Alexander, Siegfried Schreck, Sara Jablonski, Sheila Simpson, Susan Holt, RocaVaron, Rita Thorp, Rambo Vivaldi, Paul Pinzarron, Olga Rogovets, Neil Kelly, Mondler Canvas, Michael Kwong, Margaret Mountford, Madison Anidja, Linda D'Elia, Kimberli Werner, Leslie Bailey, Lala, Kelley Batson Howard, Ke Kang, Kayla L Prigg, Katalin Nagy, Karen L Kirshner, James Helms, JoyC, Jie Zhou, Jan Griggs, James Tobin, Hilary Saner, Gabiko IoMo, David Gue, Gabriele Gracine, Granny C, Doreen Renner, Dina Klumbys, Duane Cacali, David Leitch, Dave Manousos, Cindy Rothery, Cocoa Huang, Christina Tung, ARK Xing Shangyan, Cheryl Turner, Barbara Krupp, Alexander Lipay, Bhaswati Sinha, Suzie West

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Online Exhibition

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