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Sunday, 26 March 2023 to Monday, 26 June 2023


Artwork by: Felice Mazzoni - Best in Show. Artist locale: Victoria, BC, Canada. Title of work: Sombrio Beach. Medium: Oil.

Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award recipients! The artwork for this exhibition has been selected and voted on by three jurors. The jurors names will appear on the award certificates.  Learn more about the artist, inspiration behind the art and a link to their website by clicking on the images! Artist's represented in this exhibition are from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Austria, China, Brazil, Hungary and Finland.

Artist ( Description ): 

Best in Show
Felice Mazzoni

Gold Awards
Jenna Hestekin, Cher Pruys

Silver Awards
Bonnie Sheckter, Chris O'Dell Ferguson, Debbie Zuzindlak Tobin, Deepika Haldankar, Elizabeth Kayl, Helena Cocentino, Joanna E Levesley, Nancy Breakstone, Nancy Breiman, Richard Condlyffe, Robbie Lasky, Yuho Chang

Bronze Award
Bonnie Sheckter, Ceal Swift, Cher Pruys, Dale Paul, David LaPalombara, Debbie McCulliss, Guglielmo Botter, Ian Kaba, Janet Mandel, Joseph Yudovsky, Lauren E Grisoni, Layla Fanucci, Michele Walsh Gorres, Noah Nolywaika, Rambo Vivaldi, Richard Sele, Robert Nowak, Robyn Bromham, Sandrine Sartoris, Severn Wang, Sunnye E Paris, Tammy St Denis, Terra E. Hedgecock, Vanessa Magdaleno Thorman

Alison Mitchener, April Fretwell, Bonny Puckett, Brianna Mills, Carina Imbrogno, Carol Parkett, Carole Carpier, Duane Cacali, Duncan J. Chang, Elisabeth Eaton, Elisabeth Paré, Emily L Joseph, Felice Mazzoni, Helena Cocentino, Jan Priddy, John Laue, Katherine Grossfeld, Kelly Ferguson, Ken Kochakji, Krystasia Carter, L. Michele Lutzai, Laura Moritz, Lauren E Grisoni, Lillianne Daigle, Linda McCord, Lisa Marie Moriarty, Luo Xiangning, Mark Avery, Michelle Sullivan, Nancy Wolitzer, Németh Rezsőné, Norman Aragones, Novali Centellas, Patsy Lindamood, Pete Madzelan, Rajan Dosaj, Ronald Gonzalez, Sanna Ala Kortesmaa, Sarah Doyle, Shannon Taggart, Sharon Dundee, Steve Stratis, Sumi Chatterjee, Tian Gan, Vera Tchikovani

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Camelback Gallery , Scottsdale

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