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Marcel Mouly: Light and Color



Friday, 5 May 2017 to Friday, 16 June 2017
Friday, 5 May 2017 - 6:00pm

When a door closes, another one opens.” – Alexander Graham Bell

Baterbys, Orlando’s premier art gallery, is inviting the public to a special exhibition of the last student of the School of Paris and collegue to Picasso, Marcel Mouly. The exhibition will be open from May 8th till June 16th with a $5 minimum entry donation per person. 

To be featured in “Marcel Mouly: Light and Color” will be an unparalleled exhibit of over 50 original paintings by the artist from the 1950’s until his final years. Marcel Mouly was one of the last students of the School of Paris and was a prominent proponent of Fauvism. His artistic style has been heavily influenced by Picasso’s Cubism and the strong, bold colors of the Fauves (Wild Beasts). Collected worldwide, Mouly’s works have been included and exhibited as part of the permanent collections of more than 20 major museums globally, including the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Museum of Geneva, the Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, the Museum of Modern Art in Japan, and Paris’ Bibliotheque National.

Complementing the Mouly exhibition is the sale of the similarly-titled book, “Marcel Mouly: Light and Color” authored by Richard Hart, Baterbys’ Senior Appraiser. The author will be available to sign copies of the books sold with a percentage of the proceeds to benefit the Florida Hospital for Children. 100% of the proceeds from general admission ticket sales will also benefit the Florida Hospital for Children.

Baterbys Art Gallery is located at 6848 Stapoint Ct., Winter Park, FL 32792.

For more information, please visit 
or call Kirsten Gjermo at (888) 682-9995, ext. 301

Artist ( Description ): 

Marcel Mouly

(1918 -2008)


Marcel Mouly was born in Paris in 1918 and was first introduced to art in grade school, where he was sent to a drawing class as a form of punishment. It wasn’t his intent to pursue a career in art. He studied painting at the French Academies and later learned Cubism from sculptor Jacques Lipchitz.  During World War II, he was mistaken for a spy by the German's and imprisoned. During his one year confinement in a concentration camp, he made the decision to secure his creative freedom through art.


In 1943, he had his first showing at the Salon d'Automne in Paris.  His paintings have deep, bold colors, reminiscent of Matisse’s Fauvist works and Picasso’s Cubism.  Entrancing and beautiful, his compositions can range from the movement and suspense of a sailboat caught in the ocean’s fury, to the tranquility and calmness of two women gazing out of their window at the harbor.


Mouly’s permanent collections can be found in over 20 museums and he has had many books written about him. He passed away in 2008 just short of his 90th birthday. 

Venue ( Address ): 

Welcome to Baterbys, Central Florida’s finest and largest art gallery. Come and be immersed in a collection like no other! Explore a diverse selection of highly-collectible artworks by world-renowned 20th-century masters, renditions by internationally-recognized contemporary artists, and vibrant imageries from the local art scene. Our 15,000 square foot showroom and warehouse is home to a selection of over 1.7 million artworks that will fit any style, taste, or budget.

As a fully licensed and industry-accredited art company, Baterbys allows you to collect with confidence! Our entire team truly believes that Baterbys is a place “Where Art Is Passion.” Our passion for art is second only to our commitment to your art collecting experience. To ensure that our clients are well-informed and empowered, we provide you with all the knowledge about the art and artists you collect.

At Baterbys, our foremost priority is to build lasting relationships with all of our clients, extending beyond the walls of our gallery. Our lifetime exchange policy and industry-leading lifetime guarantee to authenticity give you, our valued client, the confidence and assurance for all your fine art purchases.

Baterbys…..your most trusted resource for all of your art collecting needs.

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