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Masters of Wildlife Art 2023, Shawna Hinkel is Best in Show



Thursday, 1 June 2023 to Friday, 30 June 2023

Congratulations to Shawna Hinkel for The Mad Drag Queen winning Best Overall at Wild Heart Gallery's Masters of Wildlife Art 2023 art exhibition! Hinkel is known for exquisite detail, dramatic lighting, and creating mood in her work. Her portrait of a mandrill delivers all of that plus striking color imbued with subtleties. 

This virtual exhibition is honors the artists who are inspired by the wild animals of all descriptions. We received entries from all over the world!

Best in Show
The Mad Drag Queen, by Shawna Hinkel
19 × 30 in, Digital Photography

Shawna Hinkel’s animal portraiture is jaw dropping. In this color photograph, she uses dynamic lighting, intricate detail, composition, color, and texture to give us a look into the personality of a mandrill. 

Overall Runner Up
Shawna, by Ted Shaine
9 × 12 in, Linoleum Print

Overall Honorable Mention winners
Shawna Hinkel, Rebecca Findlay, Tassy F, Linda Hansen, Oleg Kedria, Pat Gombarcik, Tara Nix, and Bonnie Johnson

Best in Category winners

  • Digital Art: Qihui Gong
  • Drawing and Pastels: Linda Hansen
  • Mixed Media: Ross Halfacree
  • Painting: Rebecca Findlay
  • Photography: Shawna Hinkel
  • Printmaking: Ted Shaine

Special Merit Award winners
Ted Shaine, Monica Diaz, Ross Halfacree, Darren McGirr, Pat Gombarcik, Heather Cudworth, Linda Hansen, and Leo Lizarraga

Selected Works
Lizzie Jayne, Sumita Chatterjee, Tassy F, Shawna Hinkel, Shruti Sasan, Margaret Ann Adams, Kyoungryun Mo, Monica Diaz, Kathy Weiss, and Bonnie Johnson


Artist ( Description ): 

Best in Show
The Mad Drag Queen, by Shawna Hinkel
19 × 30 in, Digital Photography


Shawna Hinkel’s animal portraiture is always stunning. In this color photograph, she captures dynamic lighting, intricate detail, texture, mood, and personality. She strikes us with bold, strong color and invites us in to consider the subtle variations evident with a longer look.

Venue ( Address ):

Wild Heart Gallery , Cathedral City

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