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Inter/Action Animal Behavior Exhibition



Sunday, 1 January 2023

Inter/Action, a virtual exhibition focused on animal behavior depictions, features drawings, pastels, paintings, sculpture and more in a variety of genres and styles. The mission of Wild Heart Gallery is to promote wildlife and animal artwork in all forms, contemporary, experimental, traditional, and beyond.

Congratulations to Patsy Lindamood for Take Flight II earning Best in Show. Te drawing is a large work showing a flock of ibis in flight. The artist's skill is evident her controlled use of subtle detail set against deep contrast in a masterful composition. 

Artwork for this exhibition was selected by jury based on theme, originality, technique, skill, and quality of work.

Best in Show
Take Flight II, by Patsy Lindamood

Overall Runner Up
Mother's Love, by Debbie Morris

Overall Honorable Mentions
Abby Lee, Magdalene Nelson, Ted Shaine, Torie Hilley, Debbie Morris, Leslie Verbist, Michelle Waters, Ellen Harrold, and Hanna Christopherson

Best in Category

  • Digital Art: Overtoun Jenda
  • Drawing and Pastels: Patsy Lindamood
  • Mixed Media: Norm Ellis
  • Painting: Abby Lee
  • Printmaking: Ted Shaine
  • Sculpture: Elizabeth Belz

Special Merit Awards
Elizabeth Belz, Mackenzie Gonzalez, Ted Shaine, Michelle Waters, Patsy Lindamood, Lynette K. Henderson, Magdalene Nelson, Debbie Morris, and Linda Hansen

Selected Works
Trevor Pummill, Carina Imbrogno, Linda Hansen, Debbie Morris, Patsy Lindamood, Ellen Harrold, Overtoun Jenda, and Liliana Mora

Thank you to every artist who submitted work for consideration.

Please take a moment to visit the virtual exhibition at Wild Heart Gallery’s website.

Venue ( Address ):
PO Box 3535
Cathedral City, CA 92235

Wild Heart Gallery , Cathedral City

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