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2nd Friday ArtAbout at the Pence Gallery





Friday, 14 April 2023

Join us at the Pence Gallery for our 2nd Friday ArtAbout reception on April 14, 6 - 9 PM (free admission). Browse the art exhibits, enjoy a free wine tasting by Twisted Cedar Wines, and shop from the Night Market in the courtyard.


Maxine Solomon: Somewhere Beyond Time 

Apr. 11 - May 7, 2023

Maxine Solomon’s current series of nonrepresentational oil paintings are about exploration, spontaneity, and energy. She works intuitively with large brushes and sweeps of moving color, alternating between building up and scraping back thick layers of paint. The final energetic atmospheres are often reminiscent of the natural phenomenon she experienced while living abroad, as well as in Northern California. 


Moments in Time & Space: Bill Heiderich, Claudia Tarantino, Daniel Alejandro Trejo 

Apr. 14 - Jun. 12, 2023

This exhibit features fantastic work by three ceramic artists who share an interest in capturing the changing quality of time through their art. Claudia Tarantino attempts “to capture moments in time, past and present” in her exquisite trompe l’oeil sculpture, activating memories by representing keepsakes such as photographs, toys, and children’s shoes. Bill Heiderich reinterprets vessels by using shapes derived from traditional pottery. Daniel Alejandro Trejo’s ceramic forms play with enclosure, as they frame internal and external space. 


Art by Cathi Newlin & Toni Rizzo 

Mar. 3 - Apr. 30, 2023

This exhibit unites the fantastic work of painter Toni Rizzo and sculptor Cathi Newlin. Toni’s signature painting style combines serene and psychedelic backgrounds with high realism subjects. Cathi sculpts expressive, imaginative ceramic creatures with vibrant colors. Both artists have a light-hearted, playful take on artmaking that leads them to explore imagery full of fantasy, surrealism, or comedic exaggeration.


Night Market in the Courtyard from 6 - 8 PM

Support up & coming young artists and the local art scene by shopping in the Night Market during ArtAbout. Browse art ranging from paintings and prints, to ceramics and jewelry. The artists will handle their own sales through cash, check, & mobile pay, and they get to keep all of their proceeds.



Visit the Pence and explore other art venues in Downtown Davis on 2nd Friday. We will have printed ArtAbout maps available the night of for your self-guided artwalk. Follow the 2nd Friday ArtAbout Facebook page for more information:


Images: Claudia Tarantino, “Top of the Stack”; Maxine Solomon, “A World Beyond Our World”; Toni Rizzo, “Mourning Gossip”

Venue ( Address ): 

212 D Street, Davis, CA 95616

Pence Gallery , Davis

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