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1. Chris, do give us a brief insight into what we can expect at your upcoming show “Disseverance” at the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair.

Google “paintings of forests”: It’s not gonna be that! 

For me, it is going to be a reinvention of the forest scene: back-to-basics painting, pushing the main aspects of light, shadow, colour and form. I had always kept in mind Robi’s pieces; especially his construction and techniques that helped me investigate a more graphic and extraverted style in order for our work to sit comfortably together.

" The show will be epic in colour and the ultimate example of when opposites attract."

2. As two artists with very different techniques and distinct styles, why did you decide to collaborate? And, what is it about nature that fascinates you both so much ?

This is all about laying tracks and heading in a direction where both of our works will collide and produce a true reinvention. Together, we are developing a voice and a presence with Disseverance.

This show may start in nature but for me, it started with a year of creating studies of Epping Forest and although the seasonal aspects invades, it is only in terms of colour. For me the work is more of a human response.

" In life we have moments of control then abandonment and our ups and downs therefore I have created art which mirror this, starting with a mess and finishing with style. "

3. In your opinion, what makes a successful collaboration these days between two artists ? 

Personality? Neurosis? I don’t know really, I’ll have to wait and see this week.

4. Chris, describe your usual processes when it comes to creating a new piece and how you intend your art to speak to your viewers about the notion of changing seasons.  

As stated, the seasons were a starting point for my work when it came to my palette of colour but as it evolved, it becomes about ego and the lack of it, about something returning or something leaving, breaking up and breaking down. It is created like this, the base of all the pieces were my discarded canvases and I am containing the discarded; it’s more what lies beneath in respect of paint and all of us. It then goes on a journey of paint - it is like you want to kill it, then control and contain it!

" It always comes back to the original sketches and the sketches that interested me more were the ones taken when the woods were stripped of any foliage, its personality laid bare. I then lay down colour to reference a season and a story. "

5. Are there any works at this upcoming exhibition that you would like to draw our attention to in particular ?

It is two bodies of work coming together as one voice one story, a perfect disseverance. We have worked together to create a totally unique piece across the back wall of Maddox Gallery where I have charcoaled onto the wall and then Robi has laid a collage over my drawing.

6. As two celebrated creative talents working in Britain today, to what do you attribute your success as artists ?

Stubbornness and a very thick skin! The thing is, the older we get, the thinner our skin, in a way my work for Disseverance nods its cap to this.

7. What is the role of the artist in today’s society and where do you feel art is going ?

Now the world’s a scary mixed up place so people need to escape reality sometimes. If I can help with that then I have done my job.