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[Model: Taisia @Premier] - Photograph, 2015

Samin is your name, photography is your game. Tell us about what first attracted you to photography as a medium?

I think I was 17 years old the first time I started to take pictures for fun, or quite frankly it became an obsession. My dad gave me his old school compact camera that he wasn’t using anymore. Nothing fancy really, but if you think about it.. it  totally changed my life.  It’s funny because I don’t think I would have even thought that photography could be a potential career for me. It was almost an accident. I didn’t know anything about it, and frankly I’m still figuring out, which is pretty awesome! I was drawing a lot from the start and I was quite successful at it back in school. I was aiming to be a graphic design because it just made sense, but I was not in love with it. The process of photography still makes me feel the same way than the first time I took my dad’s camera. It is really love at the first sight like they say. Although like anyone in the creative field I did and I do have my moments of self doubt, but the love never, ever faded away. I think it’s important to find something you are passionate about in your life, not that is just “convenient”. Life is too short! 

Photograph,  2013 

Your website and Instagram are full of the wonderful commercial and editorial fashion shoots you've done - what's it like being on a fashion shoot? Are you a 'more eyes, more eyes darling’ photographer? What's your style?

It’s great to work with the people you respect, and share the same vision. Even better if they are or become friends! I think it was quite a fight to get there. Not against anyone, but within. When you start to understand and listen to yourself and what you want and can do. You will feel at home eventually, it can take some time but it’s part of the journey. And it’s worth it. I love the process of creating, ideas flow between people and we share a colourful energy on set. It’s quite important to me because I want to always keep learning and that’s the atmosphere I want grow in. My style is apparently quite “dark”, if that even makes any sense. That’s something I have been told a couple of times (haha). It changes all the time to be honest, but the attention to detail and pushing more than the given story is something I do adhere quite a lot in any situation. 

[Model: Taisia @Premier] - Photograph, 2015

You also shoot a lot of food photography, how does you approach change between the two? Do you have different equipment for the different shoots?

I do love food photography and it’s still very new to me. But I want to keep fashion and food photography very close to each other.. almost shooting them the same way. What you shoot is very organic both ways, I love that. Even if the world of still-life is more controlled, it’s just adapting your medium and take what you want out of it. 

Photograph, 2016

What shoot was your favourite and which has had the biggest impact on the way you work?

For me it’s not really one shoot. It’s all of them, and gradually over time. Specially outside of work. All the research, meetings and learning. I always see my work as a brand, and I get really inspired by other people’s success. I will also start to shoot for SCT this coming Christmas 2016. They are a local charity based in East London. They provide practical help, support and training to people who have been homeless and suffering from addiction. I’m really grateful to have the time now to give back more and I hope this would definitely add something new in the life of others, and mine.

Photograph, 2014

You've already amassed an impressive portfolio - what's next for Samin, what would you like to do that you haven't yet had the chance to?

I hope it doesn’t sound to cheesy, but I really want to give more meaning into my work. Not just something that is visually satisfying. And this includes more work, and more time to set but I’m willing. Ideally, I would like to be able to only focus on food in the near future. The environment just appeals more to me. Just finding the right balance now.

Photograph, 2014

Who has had the biggest influence on your photography, and if you could shoot them how would you do it?

I would love to meet Helmut Newton, but I think I’m too late. The biggest influence in my work is actually music, or movies. But really, it is music. I can’t work in silence. I’m around musicians all the time and they do really inspire me as friends first, but also their love for creativity, being always curious, asking the right questions and sharing a positive energy.

[Model: Ian Tillotson] - Photograph, 2016