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Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 440 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215

- About -

440 Gallery is an artist-run space in Park Slope, Brooklyn, dedicated to the creation, exhibition and sale of a wide range of work. The artist members range from emerging to mid-career, and practice in a broad spectrum of styles and media including: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, assemblage, and installation. 440 Gallery also invites outside artists and curators to participate in seasonal group shows.
Since 2005, the gallery has facilitated a lively cultural exchange within its Brooklyn neighborhood, and the artistic community at large. HOURS: Thu-Fri 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Sat-Sun 11:00 am - 7:00 pm 440 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

- Shows & News -

view Let This Be America
01/03/2019 to 02/03/2019
view The Small Works Show
11/29/2018 to 12/28/2018
view Real People I've Never Met
10/11/2018 to 11/11/2018
view And Now I See
09/06/2018 to 10/07/2018
view Below the Surface
07/05/2018 to 07/29/2018
view Transfigure
05/31/2018 to 07/01/2018
view Luminous Paradox
03/22/2018 to 04/22/2018