5 Claude Lane Gallery | Art Gallery at San Francisco | Art Week
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Country: United States
City: San Francisco
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 5 Claude Lane (off of Bush, parallel to Kearny) San Francisco, CA 94108

- About -

5 Claude Lane is a space with a central focus on collaboration between artists, educators, and the public, functioning as a meeting place where ideas and dialogue have room to expand, creating the ability to inform, change, and grow in the public realm. Opened on June 2, 2012, 5 Claude Lane's Director, Leila Seppa, has the following vision: "My goal is to be a driving force and support for artists to exhibit their work, be involved in the process of exhibition on a more meaningful and involved level and feel that the process of exchange in the creative cycle is open and balance
d. The Bay Area houses so many talented artists, philanthropists and educators, yet there is a great chasm between people when interacting or dealing with art. Breaking down the barriers that hold us in these patterns is key to involvement in community - reaching outside of our personal spheres will prove to be absolutely necessary in the current frame of the world."